Spring in Savannah

Spring In Savannah, Georgia

A few weeks ago, my family and I took a last minute, spontaneous trip to Savannah, Georgia for Easter weekend. My husband and I were in Savannah a few years ago and have always looked forward to taking the kids. My oldest son is a history buff, my daughter is a scenery lover like I am and our little man just needs space to walk and run wild so really it was the perfect little getaway for us. To experience spring in Savannah was truly a treat!

Spring In Savannah, Georgia

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at Embassy Suites, after a friend recommended it to us. We are realizing that as a new family of 5, a regular hotel room isn’t going to cut it anymore, especially right now with an 18 month old in the mix. We need space. At Embassy Suites we had two connecting rooms, one of them was like a hotel room with two queen beds and an attached bathroom, while the other room had a pullout sofa, it’s own large television, a desk area and a sink/fridge/microwave area, as well as access to the bathroom. It was seriously the best decision we made to stay here. I highly recommend it if you need the room. The hotel itself was large, roomy and very clean. The lobby area was spread out and had a lot of seating and the best part – according to my kids (and me!) – was the huge breakfast spread that was included every single morning. There was a hot breakfast food buffet with everything from eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, meats, and biscuits & gravy. There were yogurts, fruits and all the other breakfast sweets and breads. There was also a very popular omelet station. I never really order omelets when I eat out but I enjoyed the best spinach, mushroom, onion and swiss omelet two mornings in a row. They also provide a happy hour reception (!!!!) to their guests in the early evening with snacks (the best homemade potato chips, my weakness) and alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Sangria and a plate of cheese, veggies, homemade potato chips and dip were exactly what this mama needed after a day full of walking around. I really thought staying here was a great value for a family, breakfast alone being included saved us the hassle of going somewhere for breakfast not to mention the cost. When you are traveling with (always hungry) kids, breakfast can definitely get pricey. I usually try to bring my own bagels, peanut butter and fruit to keep in the room so having breakfast provided for us was a huge treat.

Spring in Savannah, Georgie (with kids!)

What We Did:

We walked. A lot. And it was wonderful.

The weather was perfect – warm, but not blazing hot, and comfortable. The reason we knew Savannah would be a fun getaway for us as a family is that we could walk everywhere. And that’s what we did. The FitBit users reading this will appreciate the fact that we hit 18,000 steps one day by 5pm!

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