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Slow Cooker Pesto Chicken Melts

Slow Cooker Pesto Chicken Melts are an easy family friendly meal that can be prepared in your crockpot for busy weeknight dinners!

plate with two English muffins topped with shredded chicken, pesto, and tomato with melted mozzarella cheese and a side of arugula

I have been using my crock pot like a mad woman lately. The last few weeks I’ve used it for several chilis and soups, pulled pork and to cook chicken to use in recipes like these Slow Cooker Pesto Chicken Melts. My crock pot has been a good companion in the kitchen lately that’s for sure.

two picture collage; hand holding jar of Kirkland basil pesto; hand holding half of an English muffin topped with shredded chicken, pesto, and tomato with melted mozzarella cheese

For anyone who shops at Costco, have you tried their pesto?? I love this stuff. Honestly, I haven’t found a jarred pesto that I have loved until I tried this one. Obviously you can’t beat freshly made pesto, but I have to say, this jar of pesto has become a staple in my fridge this past year. I’ve added it to chicken like this plenty of times as well as tossing it into veggies like these Pesto Roasted Brussels Sprouts or a quick pasta dish like this Pesto Pasta with Turkey and Kale . Delicious!

You can also add it to a dip like this Pesto Yogurt Dip or add to a wrap like this Roasted Vegetable Wrap with Pesto and Feta! So much variety!

plate with two English muffins topped with shredded chicken, pesto, and tomato with melted mozzarella cheese and a side of arugula

This is one of those meals that is perfect for keeping things light on busy weeknights. I like making them into melts like this but you could always just add the pesto chicken to a whole wheat bun and eat it as a regular sandwich. Or if you are trying to stay away from carbs, the chicken is great on it’s own with some roasted veggies or even as added protein for a big salad.

Enjoy and have a great week!


Slow Cooker Pesto Chicken Melts

  • Author: Aggie's Kitchen
  • Yield: Serves 4-6 1x
  • Category: Chicken
  • Method: Slow cooker/Oven

Slow Cooker Pesto Chicken Melts are an easy family friendly meal that can be prepared in your crockpot for busy weeknight dinners!


  • 1 1/2 lbs chicken breast (about 3 chicken breasts)
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • salt and pepper

For Serving:

  • 1/41/3 cup prepared pesto
  • 6 English Muffins or Sandwich Thins, split and lightly toasted
  • sliced tomatoes
  • shredded mozzarella cheese


  1. Place chicken breast in crockpot. Season with oregano, garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper on both sides. Cook on high for 4 hours or low on 6 hours.
  2. Once chicken is cooked, shut off crock pot and take chicken out and place into a large bowl. Shred chicken using two forks. Add pesto to warm shredded chicken and gently toss to combine.
  3. Preheat broiler. Place English muffin or Sandwich Thin halves on a large cookie sheet. Spoon equal amounts of chicken onto each piece of bread. Top with sliced tomato and desired amount of mozzarella.
  4. Place cookie sheet under broiler and broil for 2-3 minutes until cheese melts. Watch carefully because this happens fast!
  5. Serve alongside a green salad for a light, flavorful dinner.

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Looking for a new slow cooker? I love my Crock-Pot with Stove-Top Browning – the stove top browning feature was a total game changer for me!

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32 comments on “Slow Cooker Pesto Chicken Melts”

  1. What a great lunch idea. Got to try!

  2. I DO shop at Costco and I have NOT tried their pesto…and clearly I need to get on that because I am in love with these melts! Totally my kind of meal for those busy weeknights (read: every night!)

  3. Pesto obsessed over here! Can’t wait to try this Aggie! Mmm!

  4. You know I love finding your Costco favorites… that pesto is so good! This is the PERFECT weeknight meal OR lunch for myself. 🙂 Pinning now!

  5. How long does the pesto last once open? Thanks!

    • Hi Tracey! You know, I really don’t know! It doesn’t specifically say on the jar to use within a certain amount of days so I just go by the expiration date. I use it pretty often when I have it so it doesn’t last too long.

  6. I always buy Costco’s prepared Pesto and use it in everything. It’s so good! This recipe looks amazing, Aggie. I can’t wait to try it. Happy Monday!

  7. I have never purchased pesto but love to eat it at restaurants. This recipe may be the reason to buy some of my own!

  8. Oh man, those look good! I love pesto. And tomatoes. And chicken. And cheese!

  9. Love easy meals like this! I need to keep my eye for that pesto the next time I’m at Costco!

  10. I love pesto. Okay actually I’m pretty obsessed with pesto! I love how easy and delicious this dinner idea is 🙂

  11. What an easy lunch! I love pesto so I know I would love this!

  12. You’re on a roll lately; this looks great!

  13. I love the ease of this recipe. Perfect weeknight meal and easy to pack in the girls’ lunch boxes!

  14. I think I book mark 3/4 of your recipes (and make them too!) This is definitely going on this list. I love using English Muffins as buns!

  15. I love this! What a great and unique slow cooker treat. Costco’s pesto is the best!!

  16. You know I love that pesto! I always have it in my fridge and use it in a bunch of different recipes. I LOVE that this is a slow cooker meal. I can’t get enough good slow cooker recipes. Looks wonderful, Aggie!

  17. These sound so good! I currently have my slow cooker running and cooking dinner as I type!

  18. This is a fantastic recipe, I love pesto!

  19. What a great weeknight idea! I need to make more dishes like this instead of spending two hours on dinner — as much as I love that, sometimes I really can’t afford those two hours.

    I usually have about four or five basil plants growing in pots on the deck during the summer. Most of my harvest is made into pesto and frozen in ice cube trays. All year round, I pull out a few pesto cubes to get a blast of summer. I now know what I’ll be making next with those cubes, thanks!

    • I feel like I used to spend 2 hours on dinner, lol. Those were the days! haha. I usually grow a lot of nice basil in spring and summer but the last couple of years I was in pregnancy/moving/baby mode and I did not get any good herb gardening in. I’m missing it a lot!! So this year I am going to plant up a storm. My basil does well in pots too. And I am going to take your advice and freeze my pesto so I can enjoy it longer! Love that.

  20. Love that you use the slow cooker for this! A staple in my kitchen for sure 🙂 These look terrific for a busy weeknight which let’s get real is like every night!

  21. I’ve never used my crockpot on dry meat before. Don’t you add any liquid with the chicken, or does it turn out all right without it? I’d be afraid it would get quite dry.

    • I have to say, I’m starting to prefer cooking my chicken this way, without any liquid! The chicken itself seems to produce enough liquid to steam up in the crockpot so it keeps from getting dry. It shreds up nicely actually.

  22. I love how easy yet delicious these chicken melts are. This recipe is just the perfect excuse for me to pull out and use my slow cooker!

  23. You had me at slow cooker!!! hahaha I swear it’s the only way I get dinner on the table these days. Love!

  24. Made these last night – YUM! Bought the Costco pesto and it did not disappoint! I used gluten free bread for me and English muffins for my gluten eaters at home 🙂 Eating the leftovers tonight….love leftover night!

  25. Love how quick and delicious this looks, Aggie! A perfect summer meal. Pinned!