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Vanilla Sugar is here… with some serious Strawberry Shortcake!

My buddy Dawn from Vanilla Sugar is stopping by today…to share a mouthwatering summer dessert with you!  Try not to drool on your keyboard… 🙂

milk chocolate version

Its strawberry season and I don’t about you guys but in my house strawberry shortcake is a staple in the spring and summer months. And by staple I mean we have it almost every other night.  Crazy I know, but I’m so addicted to it and now my husband is addicted to it too. That sugary syrup that forms when mixed with jumbo chunks of strawberries, fresh lemon juice and a touch of sugar—heavenly.  Then you pair that with fresh homemade biscuits and freshly whipped cream.  See now I can just make a meal out of that.  What’s it called manna of the Gods? Is that the term? I don’t know if any of you have ever tried making strawberry shortcake with melted chocolate on it?  If you haven’t you really must.  It just brings the flavors and textures up a notch.  I think you’d get a kick out of it.

For the recipe, click here

But wait, did you also know that I did a ‘white’ version of my strawberry shortcake? For the white version I used the same strawberry mixture along with the addition of puff pastry and white chocolate Ganache.

For the recipe click here

white version

See that’s what I love about strawberry shortcake it’s just so versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down. Actually I prefer to dress it up because people love to eat with their eyes first. I’m thinking for the next strawberry shortcake I might want to try and incorporate a warm pb & honey drizzle next time over warm homemade pound cake.

How would you want to kick it up your strawberry shortcake a notch or two?

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7 comments on “Vanilla Sugar is here… with some serious Strawberry Shortcake!”

  1. These shortcakes look gorgeous! I love chocolate and strawberry. I kick up my strawberry shortcakes with sugared basil leaves… a new creation I tried a week or so ago. They are amazing!

  2. Holy my goodness – these look amazing. I’m at work late right now, and decided to take a 5 minute break and distract myself with some foodie blogs – and now all I want to do is run straight home and make (and obviously, quickly eat) these.

  3. That definitely is some serious looking strawberry shortcake…OMG!

  4. Love the take on Strawberry Shortcake. I am DEFINITELY going to make the dark chocolate one!

  5. yes i’ll have some — is all i can say right now 🙂

  6. Strawberry shortcake is one of my most favorite things! This looks like perfection.

  7. This looks like a piece of art…gorgeous! And I bet it tastes fabulous.