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Top 5 Favorites of 2009….#1 Harissa Steak Sandwich

Harissa Steak Sandwich

Not sure what I loved more about this sandwich…how unbelievably delicious it was or that I didn’t have to cook it!  🙂

If you remember this post, my sweet non-cooking husband had the urge to make something and blog about it. After watching Next Food Network Star with me one night he picked this recipe from the runner up Jeffrey Saad.  I must admit, I was pretty impressed by my hubby’s ambition and the outcome of it all.  If you can get your hands on some harissa (which we found at a local butcher/gourmet shop) please make this sandwich.  Make it exactly as it’s shown…the yellow tomatoes, the cuban bread…the harissa mayo.  It’s heavenly.  So heavenly that we decided it will be our last meal of 2009.  That’s right…Larry is going back into the kitchen for an encore, and I am thrilled!

Happy New Year to all of you!  Wishing everyone Love and Laughter in 2010!

IMG_8658 IMG_8675 IMG_8713

See you next week with lots of new healthy recipes to kick of the New Year!

#1 Harissa Steak Sandwich


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22 comments on “Top 5 Favorites of 2009….#1 Harissa Steak Sandwich”

  1. What a great top 5 list! Have a great New Year!

  2. awesome top 5 list! that steak sandwich looks so mouthwatering delicious!

  3. I had to Google harissa. Sounds and looks delicious! Happy New Year!

  4. Why is it that food just seems to taste so much better when someone else makes it? If your husband made it that makes it even more special. If the kids make it then kudos to that too. See you in 2010. Have a safe and foodie-filled New Year Aggie.

  5. I remember this awesome sandwich, Aggie! It looks sooo good! Gonna have to make it this summer! Happy 2010 to you and your family! I am happy to have met you through blogging this year!

  6. My husband was also intrigued by this recipe. He would have loved to be a dinner guest at your house.

    Happy New Years!

  7. All of your Top 5’s look absolutely yummy! Congrats on the recent weight loss- that’s wonderful!!

  8. I have to remember to try this since it’s on the top 5 list!

  9. after the holiday i had, i’m looking forward to some good healthy recipes! this sandwich looks awesome, happy new year!

  10. I loved your Top 5 list Aggie even though you provided so many great recipes in 2009. Looking forward to what you cook up in 2010.

  11. This sandwich sounds absolutely mouthwatering. Great photos too. I have a really hard time photographing meat dishes.

  12. I really enjoyed reading your blog this year and look forward to keeping up with all of your recipes in 2010. Happy New Year!

  13. I remember this sandwich, but #1?? Wow! I’ll bookmark it. I used harissa only once, but we really enjoyed the flavor, and I’ll trust you and Larry that this is a winner. Literally.

    Happy New Year my dear!

  14. I remember when you posted this sandwich. It looks so yummy! If this is your very favorite then it is a must try!

  15. Hi, that looks super delish and I love stopping by your site, stop by mine–I gave you an award! anne

  16. Hey Aggie! You moved! Love the pictures of your kids. Way too cute. Happy new years.

  17. I went looking for harissa for some other recipe and couldn’t locate it anywhere! This sandwich does look great and I think it is even more appealing because your hubby made it for you!

  18. Wow! Harissa has a such good taste! This sandwich looks yummilicious!

  19. Aggie – I love this recipe most of all!! I’ll have to look for that spice at my ethnic grocery store – your kids are getting so big!

    Happy New Year and hope all is well! 😀

  20. I saw that episode too but forgot all about that yummy sandwich. I’ve never used harissa but need to go find some now. Looks so good!

  21. Just a quick note to tell you that your blog is one of top three favorites. All of your recipes are so appealing, your pictures are great and I can find what I need easily. Congratulations on your efforts. There are so many great blogs, but yours is one of the very best.

    My two other favorites are Closet Cooking and Pioneer Woman.
    I also love Simply Recipes but so many of Elise’s recipes are fairly traditional, but yours are often unique in some way. YUM!

    You Go Girl!

    from Boulder Creek CA

  22. lolol where is a light beer whenever you want one