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Small Plates, Small Bites…

This month our Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club came together with a collection of “tapas style” appetizers to share with you…the timing is actually perfect since most of us are gearing up for the holiday season, which means entertaining and getting together with lots of family, friends and loved ones.

The whole idea behind having a tapas style gathering is to be able to enjoy small bites of different foods while enjoying the company you are with.  It’s such a great way to sample different flavors and foods, and if you and your guests enjoy food like I do, then this is definitely a fun way to eat at a party!


My Virtual Supper Club friends Jamie, Shelby, Val and Helene came together with a fantastic menu of goodies…it doesn’t fail that each month as I type out our menu I wish that this “supper club” was actually real!  This month’s idea is really inspiring to have a Tapas party of my own soon!


Check out this feast Cooking Light style!
Helene of La cuisine d’Helene – Grilled Pepper Poppers
Val of More Than Burnt Toast – Windowpane Potato Chips & Sliders with Shallot-Dijon Relish
Shelby of Grumpy’s Honeybunch– Harvest Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Tarts
Jamie of Mom’s Cooking Club– Warm Cranberry-Walnut Brie & Mini Crab Cakes with Herbed Aioli

My appetizers turned out to actually be meals for my husband and I.  We enjoyed the shrimp one night for dinner and I made the mini frittatas on Sunday morning for something different to have with our coffee.  Both turned out delicious.


The mini frittatas were a hit.  They were so light and delicious, it was hard to stop popping them in your mouth.  These would be great for a brunch or a shower!  And seriously, they couldn’t be easier to make.  All the ingredients are combined into one mixing bowl and then spooned into a mini muffin pan.  I filled mine up completely and got a few less than what I was supposed to, I think filling them 3/4 of the way would be perfect because they do puff up slightly while baking.  You could really get creative with these too.


The shrimp dish is very salad-like with a very lightly seasoned oil and vinegar dressing/marinade.  I would recommend splurging and purchasing good shrimp for this dish…the flavors in the marinade are very simple so it was all about the shrimp.  I had some extra large shrimp in the freezer (leftover from my Pensacola trip) and we loved eating them this way.  You can serve it in a nice bowl or a large dish with crusty bread on the side.  It’s a great starter dish and could easily be served chilled or at room temperature.  And a lot of the prep work can be done ahead of time, making it really convenient to serve at a party (or bring for a potluck!).

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23 comments on “Small Plates, Small Bites…”

  1. Aggie,
    I love your dishes. Those mini fritattas are right up my alley. And you know how much I love shrimp. So glad you are still eating the seafood you took home from here. Thanks for your small bites! Wish we could have gotten together in reality to share them.

  2. Aggie, these frittatas look great, as do the shrimp. I live about an hour away from Pensacola, so I definitely get my fill of fresh gulf (and bay) shrimp. I’ll have to try your recipe and share it with my mom. Looks like something she’d love!

  3. There is nothing small about this, esp the taste I’m sure, and my goodness it looks fabulous. You never disappoint.

  4. These were a delicious addition to our Cooking Light Supper Club Aggie….perfect little bites!!!!

  5. Great appetizers for the holidays!

  6. I have made those frittatas and they are easy and wonderful. The shrimp looks great too, love the flavors going on there.

  7. Love those mini frittatas and the shrimp look delicious.

  8. Aggie, I am definitely trying the shrimp. I was looking at that one myself! What perfect bites!

  9. Everything looks perfect! Great presentation. I want to try those Harvest Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Tarts too- YUM! Hope you’re having a good day and not getting too much rain down your way

  10. Everything looks wonderful Aggie! Can I joint the CL club? Of the 15+ magazines I subscribe to, Cooking Light is always my favorite! 😀

  11. I love small bites. Both of these look amazing – especially the frittatas. Mmmm good.

  12. i just love cooking light. these litttle bites look perfect!

  13. I never make frittatas but will try these. I love they are mini. Perfect for a bruch. Also the shrimps are always a hit in my home. Great appetizers choice for this month.

  14. everything looks delicious! I love mini foods since you can just keep nibbling on lots of different dishes

  15. Great idea, Aggie, and thanks for passing them on! Lovely!

  16. Oh everything just looks delicious!

  17. Yum! Wondering if these frittatas would be allowed on my low carb diet….must investigate as these look YUM!

  18. I absolutey love the mini frittatas!

  19. It is 10:00 at night and my mouth is watering looking at your shrimp and frittatas. Your CL club is such a great idea.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am happy to find yours.

  20. Those mini frittatas look like something my boys would love. It also seems like the sort of recipe you could play around with (i.e. add some chopped broccoli or corn kernels). Yum! Love the photo too…

  21. Mini frittata’s will be a perfect after thanksgiving breakfast. Made with turkey instead of ham, of course.

  22. Thanks for that. We’re having a little potluck party this week, kind of for Christmas I guess and I’ve been trying to find something unique.. found some awesome ideas at this potluck recipes site. You know, someone should invent a website where you can write what you’ll be taking, and it would check no one is bringing the same thing!