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January Reading: Books I’ve Read This Month

January Reads : Books I've Read This Month
I’d love to be able to share with you the books I read on a monthly basis – and stay consistent with it throughout the year. Goals? Yes.

Let’s start with today!

Over the holiday break I got a little obsessed with reading. I found myself squeezing it in every chance I got, mostly because now that I started my first class (Anatomy & Physiology – insert red-faced, circle-eyed emoticon here), I’ve been experiencing a bit of panic thinking that I may never have time to read for fun ever again. Obviously, that’s not true. I pretty much can’t fall asleep at night unless I at least attempt to read a couple of pages before I close my eyes.

I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read so far this month:

The Storied Life of A.J. Fickery by Gabrielle Zevin

I listened to this on Audible and really enjoyed it. The story was set around an ornery bookstore owner who received a mysterious package in his store one day that literally changed the rest of the life. A lot of character growth in this story, I got attached and it felt a little bittersweet when it ended.

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

I have been on a huge Liane Moriarty kick! I’m just plugging along through her section of the library and I was happy to finally grab a copy of The Husband’s Secret this month. Like the other stories I’ve read from her, this one intertwined between several different but related character situations. It felt a little slow at first to me, but once I got into it it became an effortless, quick read. If you are a fan, what’s your favorite Liane Moriarty book?


The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick 

I grabbed this one on Audible during one of their 2 for 1 sales and glad I did. It’s an easy listen so far, a funny and quirky story and I can’t wait to see the movie!

The Story Hour by Thrity Umrigar

I’m about halfway through this and am really enjoying it so far. It’s about 2 women – a psychologist and one of her patients, a lonely & desperate Indian woman living far away from her family and in a not so great marriage – and the development of their somewhat complicated relationship turned friendship.

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Okay…your turn! What are you reading??

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10 comments on “January Reading: Books I’ve Read This Month”

  1. I’ve read all but Silver Linings Playbook, and loved them.  Especially the story hour.  I just finished Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, wow!  I can’t stop thinking about it so good.  Also A  Spool of Blue Thread by Anna Tyler. Also excellent.

    • I’m really loving The Story Hour (and have been craving Indian food like you wouldn’t believe, just finished a nice plate of leftovers for lunch from Indian take-out last night 😉 ) I will put both of those on my Goodreads list!! Thanks Susie!

  2. And I’m almost finished with Judy Blumes in The Unlikely Event, excellent.

  3. Aggie… being a Seminole library card holder…are you aware we have free access to HOOPLA and can download audio books there sometimes that audible doesnt have.. I think you can check out 5 in a month period.  I have been very happy with this and saves my credits for something I really want.  🙂

    • Ohhh, I really need to look into that. I have a lot of credits building up actually and like using them for the specials. But I don’t always find what I want! I just left the library, ha ha. Is it an app you set up on your phone?

  4. I just read The Husband’s Secret last Sunday in one day. I skipped through some pages but overall I couldn’t put it down. Especially I liked how she added they will never find out parts at the end. I love her work. I just ordered two more of her books. Can’t remember the names. Reading is the only way I can lie down and relax. I feel so much more energized the whole week if I do that. Otherwise it is a circus show here. You know. 
    I’m super impressed you taking an RD course. You should be proud!!!

    • It gets me to lay down and relax too! you nailed it!! I saw 3 more of Moriarty at the library today but I held back because I already had a few others, next time. I didn’t realize she had so many! Thank you regarding the RD course…I’m surprisingly loving it, being a student again has been refreshing & challenging and I am glad I waited (because I’ve been wanting to “go back to school” forever). It’s all about timing I guess. My brain has definitely woken up!! ha ha

  5. yes hoopla links to your library card and you can checkout 6 ebooks, audio books or movies a month there is an app to download to your iphone, tablet or samsung or fire device  ,,, 

  6. Today I started Jodi Picoult Handle with Care. It is an old one so maybe you have read it. I quite like it. Just took a break for lunch and going back to bed. Man, there is a beauty to kids growing up.:) School sounds scary to me because I haven’t done it for so long and when I did it for 6 years I hated it. But I didn’t study what I loved. RD sounds pretty interesting to me!!! Maybe one day…

  7. We have such similar reading tastes. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Silver Linings Playbook when you are done with it. I loved the movie – I bet I’d love the book too!