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Grilled Chicken Sausage and Pepper Pita Sandwiches

This idea for dinner slapped me in the face the other day as I was sitting in car line waiting to pick up my kids for school. I had no plan for dinner, and the lack of plan was occupying my mind…I knew I had to think of something quick.

When I find myself in this last minute “what do I make for dinner” situation it can easily go either way…it can go in the direction of giving up and ordering pizza or Greek take-out or in the direction of digging through the freezer for the main ingredient and everything else falling into place because of that main ingredient. In this case, I dug through the freezer. I knew that I had these great Roasted Red Pepper and Spinach Chicken Sausages that I always pick up when I go to Costco. They are so quick to defrost at the last minute and easy to cook up on the grill, and the best part, everyone in the family likes them.

I almost always have peppers and onions on hand. And they pretty much go hand in hand with grilled sausages in my opinion. Just look at that beautiful basket of veggies. Makes your mouth water a little doesn’t it? I love that grill basket wok by the way, it’s becoming one of my favorite gadgets to cook with. I picked it up at Target and have grilled so many different veggies in it. Grilled carrots are so delicious and I’m going to try broccoli next.

Do you use a grill basket? What’s your favorite grilled veggie?

You can find the recipe for Grilled Chicken Sausage and Pepper Pita Sandwiches over on Babble. Have a great week!

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17 comments on “Grilled Chicken Sausage and Pepper Pita Sandwiches”

  1. We have really enjoyed chicken sausage lately. This is a great meal idea, Aggie! I love the added peppers and pita bread is a weakness of mine!

  2. I don’t have a grill basket! but I want one 🙂 My favorite grilled veggie…oh gosh…eggplant? Corn? Onions? I can’t choose! That is one fabulous last minute dinner

  3. i’ve never used a grill basket but now i’m feeling inspired to go out and get one…it just seems so easy!

  4. Sometimes the best meals are the ones that come from digging through the freezer. These sandwiches look fantastic, Aggie and we love those sausages from Costco, too!

  5. We have that same grill basket {Tim just picked it up} & those SAME sausages. I’ve got the peppers from Costco….. and just need the pitas. This is a great recipe…. and as with all your creative recipes — one I never would’ve thought of, but am SO anxious to try!!!

  6. Those looks hearty and delicious, so pretty too!

  7. This is one of my favorite sandwiches. Your veggies look so colorful. I’ll have to try them next time in the grill basket.

  8. These must be one great tasting sandwiches, they look scrumptious with those grilled veggies, my favorite! YES, the photo of the veggies is mouthwatering!

  9. We have a few grill baskets, just can’t get enough of grilled anything! Tonight will be grilled portabello burgers! Your chicken sausage flatbread’s look amazing!

  10. These look awesome–totally something I would make. Thanks for sharing!

  11. The pita sandwiches look delicious, Aggie! And, the photos are just gorgeous, too. I love it when last minute meals totally come together into pure perfection.

  12. Oh my… I only ever think to use chicken in pitas… never chicken sausage… I know Jon would love this. I must invest in a grill basked ASAP! Beautiful photos as always!

  13. I just love those flavored chicken sausages! I like to cut them up to add some extra zing to boring pasta dishes as well.

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  16. I was unable to find on babble- any suggestions?