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Green Smoothies…aka Green Monsters…aka Shrek Juice


…whatever you call them, these smoothies are g o o d for you.

I’ve been hooked on green smoothies for a couple of years now. I discovered them on a couple of healthy living blogs that I follow and after finally getting the courage to try one they have become a permanent member of the breakfast and snack category in this household.

My husband and son enjoy these smoothies as well…the only one who hasn’t bought into them yet is my daughter. I offer her one every time I make them and am sure one day she’ll come around. Last year, I set up a smoothie bar in my son’s PreK class room and was impressed when 18 out of 19 preschoolers voted this smoothie their favorite over a berry smoothie (we made both kinds in the class and had a taste test, then vote). The kids loved them, and their green mustaches too.


Enjoy your green smoothie for breakfast with a hard boiled egg and whole wheat toast, or for a post workout snack. I love having them in the late afternoon to hold me over before dinner.

I’ve seen them made a couple of different ways, but I pretty much make them the same every time. Fresh spinach is key, and so are ripe frozen bananas. I always have a ziplock full of banana chunks in the freezer…they are perfect for sweetening up smoothies and making them nice and chilled but not watered down with ice. Now, if you don’t have any frozen bananas, no worries, just add 2-3 ice cubes to the mix.

Best served immediately. Enjoy!


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Green Smoothie

Yield: makes 1 smoothie


  • 1 cup plain or unsweetened vanilla almond milk (go with vanilla if you have more of a sweet tooth)
  • 1-2 handfuls fresh spinach leaves
  • 1/2 ripe frozen banana (if your banana is not frozen, add 2-3 ice cubes)
  • 1-2 tablespoons ground flaxmeal


  1. Combine ingredients in blender and blend for 1 minute.

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38 comments on “Green Smoothies…aka Green Monsters…aka Shrek Juice”

  1. I will definitely have to try this–not sure I will convince the family, though!

  2. Monsters are so good! The banana is the real key ingredient and it cannot be left out! I bet your daughter will eventually come around 😉

  3. awesome! i have got to try these!

  4. I still haven’t tried them yet… I kept meaning too. Perhaps i’ll make it a goal and write it down or else I won’t do it. LOL

  5. I dunno, Aggie – you’re serving it in a Gators cup. Could be a problem for this Seminole. LOL!

  6. I love the glass, perfect for your green smoothies! My 18 month old is on board by my son will not touch these. I need to try again (maybe with a gator glass!)

  7. Ok, I have to try these!

  8. I have made green smoothies every day for the past year and a half. It’s been the key for me losing 30 pounds. I have found the pear as the key to making them smooth and tasty. Agreed the frozen bananas are great. Also I have been adding some organic yogurt lately, and some chia seeds. MMM yummy.

    My kids don’t drink them yet but I am hoping that they will in the future.

  9. I use spinach, apple juice, half a cucumber, ginger, and whatever else I have around (parsley, celery, other greens, flax seed oil, bananas if I want it thicker, etc). If I’m feeling run down, sometimes I’ll put some brown rice protein powder in with it. It’s great for you and filling.

  10. Looks good! You are right – there are a million ways to make green smoothies. I use spinach (sometimes fresh, sometimes frozen) with water, an apple, blueberries and sometimes banana. In my Blendtec, it is smooth and creamy. I keep hoping my oldest (10) will come around. The younger two like ’em!

  11. Yum! I love green smoothies 🙂

  12. Looks refreshing and healthy!

  13. I discovered green smoothies a couple years ago too and have been loving them ever since. Lately I have REALLY gotten in to green juices and I am definitely addicted!

  14. i make these all the time too–especially on days when i haven’t had any greens!

  15. And you put it in the perfect glass. 🙂

  16. I must say, the gator glass makes the drink!

  17. I just came across your lovely blog – so many tasty recipes and great photos! Very cool that you started your own vegetable garden. I found growing tomatoes to be a serious challenge in southern climates (in New Orleans, to be specific), because they don’t really tolerate the humidity, so I gave up on the tomatoes after several very frustrating attempts. But basil was a raging success!

  18. I’m willing! 😉

  19. Thanks for posting this – I’m gonna try it. I’ve seen several recipes for green smoothies, but never tried one. I actually bought avocados this week to try one in a green smoothie recipe I found this week. I think my preschooler would like “Shrek juice” too!

  20. Love Green Smoothies! They are a great snack. And Served in a GATOR glass is even better!!!!

  21. I really need to get a freaking blender.

  22. Love my green smoothies and my blendtec. My day isn’t right if it doesn’t start with a green smoothie. I have the same one almost every day and its the same as yours…will mix it up now and then with kale vs spinach and sometimes put peanut butter in for a special treat. I have started adding whey protein isolate (Hammer) to “beef” up the amount of protein I am getting each day. Have to admit, the gators glass doesn’t do anything for me, but I did buy a special glass for my smoothies, just because! Want to hear all about your weekend!!!!!

  23. I have been in a real green smoothie kick lately. They are so delicious!!!!

  24. After such a hot day out here in NH… this sounded like the perfect thing to have for dinner. Just made it! It was delicious! And completely refreshing.

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  26. At first I thought it was a giant glass of wheat grass juice;) If you cant get your kids to drink a shot of wheat grass, you can make them do anything haha

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  28. Totally agree that frozen bananas are the key to great smoothies! My Mom makes a version like this plus mint and chocolate chips and it tastes like a mint chocolate chip milkshake. The kids love it.

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  30. Great recipe! Will be linking back to this in my post tomorrow.

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