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Fun Facts About My Family’s Four-Legged Friend


1. Amber turned 8 years old on January 1.

2. Amber has a keen sense of hearing, she can hear a Cheerio drop in the kitchen from all the way across the house. It’s pretty impressive.

3. Amber is a rescue dog. She was abandoned as a puppy by her “owners” and found by my sister’s mother-in-law, who took her in. At the time Amber joined her family, she had 5 other large dogs, some of them rescues as well. The first time I visited her home, I was in awe of how well behaved her pack of 6 dogs were as they greeted us, she has a gift.


4. Amber was originally my mom’s pet. When we met her, we were just visiting with no intentions of bringing home a dog. I fell in love with Amber instantly, and insisted that my mom adopt her (I was pregnant at the time and a dog was not in my plans at all). I was so happy when my mom made Amber part of the family.

5. Amber came to live with us 3 years later. I went to visit my mom one day while my husband was away on a business trip for a week. Amber loved visiting my house and being with the kids, so I “borrowed” her for the week to keep me company since my mom had been working a lot and wasn’t able to spend as much time with her as she would like. Amber decided she wanted to stay and live with us and everyone was okay with it.

6. Amber insists on daily belly rubs and back scratches. It’s part of the deal if you’re a guest in our home, she’ll give you a few gentle nudges to make sure you don’t forget.

7. Amber has manners. She doesn’t jump on you. She won’t bother you when you’re eating either. She just stares. And watches. And waits. Then she makes sure the floors and chairs are free of any possible crumb of food particle that could have been dropped by us. She likes to help out. I guess we can be messy.

Amber the Dog | Aggie's Kitchen

8. We have deemed Amber the Director of Security of our house. Beware of dog. She’s our protector and she is very loud about it when she needs to be.

9. Amber is part Fox Red Retriever. She likes to run, fetch balls and gets excited about people me on bikes. She is obsessed with car rides. She hates water and wants no part of it. She doesn’t like to get her paws wet in the grass either and has been known to hold it in for over 18 hours if it’s raining. Crazy girl.

Amber the Dog | Aggie's Kitchen

10. Amber enjoys singing. She will belt out a nice long howl for us every now and then when the blender is running, or the rare occasion she hears a fire engine come by. It’s a treat.

11. Amber is my daily companion. She keeps me company any time I’m working in the yard or in the garden, she loves to be outside in the sun and in the (dry) grass. She snores naps nearby while I’m working on my laptop. She’s always just a few feet away. Especially when I’m cooking.

12. I may be biased, but if you’ve met Amber, you may agree. Amber is the best dog ever. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Amber the Dog | Aggie's Kitchen

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30 comments on “Fun Facts About My Family’s Four-Legged Friend”

  1. Amber is too cute for words!!! I love that she doesn’t jump up on you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love learning the back story on how you came to own her!!

  2. “Amber is stinking precious” should be #13 on the list. What a sweetheart! I’m in love already – but don’t tell my furbabies. They may get jealous ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. loved this aggie. dogs are just the best. Sometimes i literally tear up bc i love mine so much!

  4. Dogs are the best! Amber is such a cutie- love her story.

  5. I know I just met her but I love her! What a face!

  6. I love her. We had a big rescue girl named Mabel who was the most amazing dog ever. She passed 2 years ago and we are still not over it.

  7. She looks like such a sweet girl, and I’m sure she is a treasured member of the family. I had to laugh when you mentioned that Amber howled at the blender and firetrucks. Growing up, we had a basset hound name Rosey. Every time I pulled out my flute and hit the high notes, she started to howl along. It was a great party trick!

  8. Awww, I enjoyed reading about Amber, and your photos as well. Simon is my companion and strongly encourages me to get out and walk–even if I think it’s too cold!

    • I have been walking more with Amber to keep her weight down and it’s such a mutual benefit – love it! And I love the name Simon ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Amber is too dang cute for words!!! Thanks for the smile:0)

  10. Oh, Aggie, Amber is beautiful. I bet your kids are so in love with her, too. Love this post!

  11. Oh I love Amber…. Such a sweet sweet girl. You caught such beautiful pictures of her!!!! LOVE this post.

  12. Aggie, that is a beautiful story. Amber is precious, her color matches her name perfectly!

  13. Awe Aggie this is the sweetest post ever. Thanks for sharing your special pooch with us.

  14. I loved reading all about Miss Amber. She’s so sweet!!! I totally have to bring Angel over for them to meet next time!

  15. Such a great post! I own two cats and I feel the same way about them. It definitely sounds like you have both added to each other’s lives.

  16. You both sound lucky to have found each other. She is gorgeous!

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  18. Oh I love Amber so much! Rescue dogs are the best, I’m discovering. I just want to reach out and pet that belly of hers in the last picture… you can tell she’s getting ready to roll over just for that!