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Food Blog Forum Orlando/Walt Disney World 2012

My son informed me yesterday that there are 35 days of school left (or something close to that). 35 days!!!! This year is completely zooming by already isn’t it? I know, for me, March was a complete blur and here we are already 10 days in April.

Sloooooooow down pleeeeeease.

Part of the reason March flew by was that it was busier than usual. The kids had a week off for Spring Break and I had a couple of blog-related trips scheduled. All of that happening within the same 10 days.

One of the blog-related trips I had planned happened to be taking place in my backyard, a little place called Walt Disney World and the best part? My family was able to come with me.

I’ve attended only a small handful of blogging conferences (two to be exact – Food Blog Forum and Evo) and I would be perfectly content with only attending these two conferences over and over again. They are the perfect size (small, more intimate) which I just love, and as far as Food Blog Forum is concerned, run by an absolute fantastic group of people that I am happy to call my friends (also know as Jaden & Scott, Diane & Todd, Julie and Dawn). This year’s event was hosted by Walt Disney World, and really, could it get much better than WDW as far as food, accommodations and hospitality goes? I think not. Disney has all of that pretty mastered I say.

Aside from the whole Disney experience (that I can honestly never tire of), there was the whole people experience. It was such a joy to reconnect with as well as finally put human faces behind so many friends that I’ve made over the years through blogging.


One of my first blogging buddies Leslie, whom I’ve been chatting it up with online for almost 4 years!

Mardi and Merry-Jennifer making us all jealous with their winnings. ūüôā

Angie and I enjoying our post-day-in-the-Disney-parks-with-our-families cocktail time.
Photo Credit: Guy of Simply Recipes

And of course, let’s not forget about Mickey and Minnie.

I always walk away from events like this with my heart full, my mind racing, and my level of creativity and inspiration at levels that are off the charts.

The most important thing I took with me this time around is my new “recipe for life”…inspired and articulated by the most amazing couple Todd & Diane who’s spirit is absolutely contagious:

Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not bring you down. Don’t compare yourself to others, give yourself positive feedback & be authentic. Follow your dreams & live your passion.

That’s my new recipe for life.

There are so many wonderful recaps written from the bloggers who attended Food Blog Forum – Orlando 2012. So much food, beautiful photography and stories!


A couple on-the-side things:

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Rachel of Rachel Cooks posted an interview of me and my day today…love her fun new series “a day in the life” – go check out and say hello!

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26 comments on “Food Blog Forum Orlando/Walt Disney World 2012”

  1. Great post and thank you for including my link. It was SO great to see you and spend time with you! I loved meeting your adorable family. I hope to see you sometime very soon!

  2. *sigh* Someday I’ll make it to another one of those. I’m shooting for BlogHer Food ’13. ūüôā Looks like you had a blast! I love that you took your whole family!

  3. Loved the post! It was so wonderful to be able to meet you aggie! HUGS!

  4. LOVe your recap & new recipe for life!

  5. so amazing to meet you, Aggie!! you’re such a sweetheart! <3 xo

  6. Love your post, must go next year!

  7. Amen. Continually thankful that you’re my friend. Thank you so much!!

  8. This is a great glimpse into the conference and Disney. Wish I had met you. Next year I am making a point to move around more to meet more people. It was so overwhelming. Your kids are precious. Loved all the photos.

  9. Aggie, those pictures of you are gorgeous! And what a fun trip. BTW, I’m right there with you…. feeling the need to SLOW time down a bit before summer. I’m NOT ready!!!! ūüôā

  10. Great recap and so thankful we FINALLY got to meet!! xoxo

  11. Next year! I love the pix of your kids the best. LOL They are SO adorable, Aggie.

    Love you!

  12. We did have a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next one! Hope to see you soon.

  13. It was great meeting you Aggie ūüôā I am glad we finally got to meet and lovely post…:)

  14. Oh man, I was in DW during the flower festival, wonder if we crossed paths!

  15. I so wish I could have gone to that this year! What a great time!

  16. What a fun trip! Can’t wait to meet you soon!

  17. What a fabulous trip, think I need to look into that one for the future! Love that recipe for life, and need to tape it to my forehead. I met Leslie last fall in Iowa, such a sweet funny girl! And I’m so excited…my family’s headed to Disney World next week. It’s been over 8 years since our last visit, cannot wait!!!

  18. What fun! So sad I missed this one!

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  20. Looks like so much fun! wish I could have been there too. Hopefully next time.

  21. I cannot even TELL you how wonderful it was to meet you Aggie. You are even greater in person than I expected and I just love you to pieces. We have to manage to make it somewhere else together to we can spend more time!!

  22. Sounds like so much fun!

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  26. I love the Mickey Mouse impression you did with the towels.