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Feed Your Soul: Book + $25 Starbucks GC Giveaway

Let’s kick off a new week and a new season with a little giveaway!

I am a true believer of living out life in the most positive way possible….which for me includes filling yourself with positive thoughts and daily affirmations as well as surrounding yourself with those that lift you up and truly want the best for you. I am not always a perfect example of living by this philosophy (we all have our days right?) but it is something I strive for and have most definitely reaped the rewards from when I do.

I was recently contacted by a long-time reader, Keri Nola, who I’ve gotten to know a little better through our Facebook pages (apparently she was introduced to my blog by an old coworker/friend that I personally haven’t seen in years – the power of social media can be pretty awesome like that don’t you think?). Keri is a licensed mental health counselor in my area and recently published her first book, A Year on Your Path to Growth – which ultimately began from postings to her Facebook page she started for her business in 2010. What I love most about Keri’s Path To Growth Facebook page are the uplifting positive message she shares with her readers each day. If you are a follower of her page you’ll get a daily dose of great stuff like this:

Feel good stuff, wouldn’t you agree? I find messages like this are always a welcome break from all the news and sometimes icky stuff that can be found floating around the internet via news and social media. Keri’s book is based on the same messages, but goes a little deeper. The book is set up in themed chapters, but also in a way that reads like a daily calendar. As I began reading it, I immediately felt like I was being hugged by a friend. A lot of food for thought packed in these pages that I think all of you will find inspiring.

I thought it would be fun to introduce Keri and her book to all of you and in the spirit of kicking off a new week and a new season on a positive note I am hosting a giveaway for a signed copy of her book along with some pretty “Good Morning” sticky notes and a $25 gift card to Starbucks (because I love and appreciate you all so much and know most of you are craving Pumpkin Spice Lattes right now!!) 😉

A little more about Keri Nola and her book, A Year on Your Path to Growth:

1 – What inspired you to write your book?

While I always anticipated that writing a book would be a part of my career, the catalyst for beginning to take pen to paper was my intention of finding peace in my own life after the tragic death of a dear friend. As I began my journey of grieving, I found myself searching for answers to questions about my life’s purpose and how to make meaning of such pain and it was in this struggle and healing that I found the courage to share my words with the world. The book evolved over time from daily doses of inspiration that I needed to hear and was writing and posting on Facebook over the course of several years and then decided to transform into this book.  While the book isn’t specifically about grief, it offers people ways to embrace living from a perspective of wholeheartedness, love, and joy while also learning how to face the pain that is part of the human journey.

2 – What has surprised you most about the book writing process?

Definitely the intense personal growth that it has stirred at each phase of the process—from moving through the self doubts and fear before  deciding to publish it, to experiencing heart palpitations and nausea the day I sent the final manuscript to my publisher, to crying when I held the first copy in my hands, to learning how to accept compliments and gratitude when people tell me how it’s impacting their journey of self discovery—wow, it’s been an emotional roller coaster! And yet I wouldn’t change it for the world because it has been one of my greatest growth opportunities so far and I am infinitely grateful.

3 – How do you like to “feed your soul”?

Oooohhh, love this question! I feed my soul in so many ways–spending time in meaningful, authentic conversation and relationships, journaling, yoga, music, painting, cooking, and spending time with my niece and nephew just to name a few:)

4 – For fun, what’s your favorite type of meal to cook? Any favorite recipe you’d like to share?

I love cooking a meal that I’m excited to eat!  For me, when I’m taking gentle care of myself, meals are such a mindful process of tuning into my body and discovering what will nourish me most.  I love cooking meals with fresh, colorful ingredients with a variety of flavors and textures.  I generally use others recipes and then put a little spin on them so I get to use my creativity and ingredients that resonate with my mind, body, and spirit.  One of my favorite recipes is Aggie’s Lemon Pepper Chicken with Artichokes, Mushrooms and Asparagus. Although I substitute organic baby spinach instead of asparagus and use Rice Flour to make it gluten free.

(Thank you Keri!!) 🙂

Keri got me thinking about ways I like to feed my soul too. For me, it can be as simple as sitting out in the backyard completely unplugged and watching my kids run and play, to spending a Sunday afternoon after church cooking a good meal for my family and/or friends.

8 Ways I Feed My Soul:

Cook good, healthy food for someone else.
Spend time outdoors and near the water
Go to church.
Unplug (for the afternoon, a day, a few days…).
Reading a good book.
Do something fun and spontaneous with my family
Drop in for a yoga class at my gym.
Connect with people, friends and family face-to-face (as opposed to through social media)

(Starbucks gift card not pictured, but included in giveaway)

Giveaway Details:

One lucky reader will receive:

A signed copy of A Year on Your Path to Growth by Keri Nola
Pack of inspirational Good Morning sticky notes
$25 gift card to Starbucks

Starts today, Monday, September 24  and ends Thursday, September 27 at 12 noon (EST)

(Sorry, giveaway open to US readers only. Winner will be chosen randomly using Pick Giveaway Winner plugin application – winner will be notified by email and have 48 hours to claim prize or another winner will be selected.)

To enter into the giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite way to “feed your soul”.

Additional Entries can be earned by:

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Connect with Keri Nola through her website, Facebook, or Twitter. You can purchase her book here.

Disclaimer: I have received a copy of this book for review. A copy of this book is being provided to the winner by the author. I am providing the items for the rest of the giveaway.



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174 comments on “Feed Your Soul: Book + $25 Starbucks GC Giveaway”

  1. I agree that going to church is a great way. For me, running is another.

  2. I am a RSS subscriber.

  3. Meditation works!

  4. My favorite way to feed my soul is to take 5 minutes in the morning to tell myself what I like about myself 😉 It is a great way to start the day!

  5. I like Aggie’s Kitchen on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy.

  6. Such positive messages- I love it! Spending time with family and friends is the best way to feed my sole!!

  7. I subscribe to your email feed.

  8. Shared on Facebook–

  9. tweet–

  10. Aggie,
    This is beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to share my book with your readers 🙂 I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful and creative ways you all “Feed your Soul!”

  11. going to a church is a great way

  12. i like path to growth on fb courtney villari

  13. aggies kitchen fb fan courtney villari

  14. I feed my soul by cooking for friends and family – it makes me happier than anything!

  15. I start out each morning reading Jesus Calling and the bible. It was starts my day off right.

  16. I liked Path to Grow on Facebook.

  17. I liked Aggie’s Kitchen on Facebook.

  18. I’m following Path to Growth on Twitter.

  19. I’m following Aggie’s Kitchen on Twitter.

  20. I’m already subscribed to your RSS Feed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Surrounding myself with those I love!

  22. my morning runs w/ my pup feed my soul. still dark out and most ppl are still asleep. it’s therapeutic to me.

  23. I subscribe to Aggie’s Kitchen RSS feed.

  24. I like to take time out just for me. To read, take a bath, or just think. A few minutes of quiet time do wonders in a hectic household.

  25. follow you on twitter @saramama

  26. follow path to grow on twitter @saramama

  27. subscriber google reader

  28. Going out for a walk with my husband when he comes home from work. Taking some time to read. Having an acupuncture session. Doing some yoga.

  29. I feed my soul by getting coffee with a friend.

  30. Being with my family doing things that make us laugh uncontrollably – that truly feeds my soul. Great giveaway Aggie.

  31. My favorite way to feed my soul is to immerse myself in a truly great book!

  32. I like Path To Growth on Facebook (Sheila Korman)!

  33. I like Aggie’s Kitchen on Facebook (Sheila Korman)!

  34. I’ve “liked” on Facebook!

  35. I like Aggie’s Kitchen on Facebook!

  36. My favorite way to feed my soul is to be in my home….cooking, creating our comfortable “space”

  37. I teach mindfulness to people living with pain & illness – I have to admit, it completely feeds my soul. Not only because I’m being in service but there’s such a joy in seeing people realise new things about themselves, be willing to change and open up, evolve into their best self when surrounded by others who are also suffering. Amazing people.

  38. i love to feed my soul by going to church, reading my devotional, and sometimes having “me time” by doing yoga or going for a walk. Hope i win!

  39. A cup of coffee with a blanket on the couch..:)

  40. Follow Aggieskitchen on twitter! @TheKitchenDoc

  41. I feed my soul by trying to be more just in the moment with the family.

  42. I follow Aggies Kitchen on Facebook.

  43. I liked path to Growth on Facebook.

  44. I subscribe to Aggie’s Kitchen RSS Feed.

  45. Yoga feeds my soul!

  46. I feed my soul by spending time with my family.

  47. I like Others on Path To Growth on FB. Donna L

  48. I like Aggie’s Kitchen on FB. Donna

  49. I follow Aggie’s Kitchen on Twitter. @dlhaley17

  50. I follow @PathToGrowth on Twitter (@skkorman)!

  51. I follow @AggiesKitchen on Twitter (@skkorman)!

  52. I feed my soul by going on long walks with just my buddy (yellow lab) no ipod just take in the sites and sounds!

  53. What a great giveaway and interview! I love “meeting” new people! My favorite way to feed my soul is reading, particularly Scripture. And running, it clears my head, which in turn feeds my soul!

  54. Church and nature walks feed my soul

  55. I Follow @AggiesKitchen on Twitter (Kellydpa)

  56. I Follow @PathToGrowth on Twitter (Kellydpa)

  57. I Subscribe to Aggie’s Kitchen RSS feed under kellywcuATyahooDOTcom

  58. I feed my soul with my early morning quiet time – reading a devotional book, taking a walk outside is also a great way to feed my soul.

  59. I like Path to Growth on Facebook.

  60. I like Aggie’s Kitchen on Facebook.

  61. I subscribe to Aggie’s Kitchen RSS feed.

  62. I feed my soul by reading.

  63. I like Aggie’s Kitchen on facebook.

  64. I feed my soul, and my tummy by participating in Bountiful Baskets co-op every other weekend. Pick up early, then meet my wonderful son for coffee and divvy up the bounty.

  65. I love to go for a good, long, “thinking” run.

  66. Walking on the beach

  67. Observing and praying and reading the bible.

  68. I “Like” Path To Growth on Facebook

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  70. I Follow @PathToGrowth on Twitter

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  72. I am Subscribed to Aggie’s Kitchen RSS feed.

  73. I feed my soul through reading. Thoughtful quotes and scripture are great too! I also started a walking program and it feels good!

  74. Spending time with my kids feeds my soul

  75. Like Angie’s kitchen on fb

  76. Follow aggies kitchen on twitter

  77. I feed my soul by staying creative. It can be cooking, baking, home projects, reading. But mostly it’s just being there for my family that feeds my soul.

  78. I am a Facebook fan of Aggies Kitchen

  79. I follow Aggies Kitchen on Twitter

  80. I subscribe to Aggies Kitchen RSS feed

  81. A good read and yoga feed my soul

  82. Subscribe to Aggie’s Kitchen RSS feed.

  83. Great question and post. Hmmm….as much as alone time running and cooking feeds my soul, I am going to have to go with a fun outing with my family- bike rides, picnics, hikes (usually something active).

  84. I feed my soul by spending some quiet time each morning observing nature and reflecting on the awesomeness of the new day!

  85. I am an email subscriber

  86. I feed my soul through going to church. When I leave on Sundays, I feel “full”

  87. I “liked” Path to Growth

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  89. I’m subscribed to Aggie’s Kitchen.

  90. I followed path to growth on twitter.

  91. i followed aggie’s kitchen on twitter.

  92. My Saturday morning trip to the Farmer’s Market feeds my soul. I enjoy creating meals made entirely from local produce.

  93. I kayak daily, it feeds my soul to be on the lake as as the sun glistens, I can’t help but think of what I’m thankful for

  94. I have likes aggies kitchen on F.B.

  95. Liked Path to Growth on F.B.

  96. Feeding my soul, Spending Quite time relaxing, reading, praying, Searching out new recipes to prepare for my family. Cooking and Baking is a real soul feeder for me.

  97. To sit…….In silence…

  98. i feed my soul by finding a quite spot to sit and rest my mind. I have to remind myself i have done the best i could, done all i could do and given all i had. sometimes the days get so busy and frazled that i have to stop and say enough, i am done. THe little simple things in life are truely the best, i just have to slow down and take a breath to realize what i have is enough.

  99. I feed my soul by unplugging from everything and taking a long walk. Nothing feeds your soul more than enjoying the sights and sounds of nature!

  100. I liked Aggies kitchen on Facebook.

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  103. I feed my soul with my yoga classes. I always feel more calm afterwards.

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  106. I follow Aggie’s Kitchen on facebook

  107. I feed my soul spending quality time with my family. In our hurried day-to-day lives, it’s nice to have a chance to just be with the ones you love. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  108. Some quiet time driving in the car with no kids, no radio. I can actually hear myself think or talk out loud!

  109. My morning job definately feeds my soul and cheking on my babies after they have fallen asleep.

  110. I feed my soul by writing at the end of each day things I am grateful for that day! Such a reminder of what is really important in life.

  111. RSS feed subscriber
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  112. My morning runs followed by a healthy breakfast.

  113. I like aggie on Facebook

  114. I follow aggie on twitter

  115. I play with my puppy.

  116. taking a nap and writing in my journal!

  117. Daily coffee at my favorite place and finding some time to talk to my bf daily.

  118. I feed my soul through prayer, exercise, and long talks with the people I love. 🙂

  119. to be honest, a great workout feeds my soul!!!! 🙂 and clears my head 😉

  120. I play with my Papillon. I can’t help but be in a better mood — he is the cutest!

  121. Cuddling with my baby boy feeds my soul after a long say at work.
    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  122. “Like” Path To Growth on Facebook– Wild Orchid
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    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  127. I am an RSS Subscriber!
    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  128. Hi Aggie and Keri
    I have been a facebook fan of both for a while now and I agree Aggie social media has changed the way we connect! You are both part of the way I feed my soul everyday! I also feed my soul by being silly with my kids, being outside and sill enough to feel the breeze on my face, laying on the floor with my dogs, connecting through authentic relationships, music, watching favorite movies that make me cry, and my all time favorite- swimming underwater so all I can hear is my own breath. Oh! and eating homemade cookies or cupcakes late at night while sitting on the floor of my kitchen with my kids. That’s just awesome!

    • Thank you so much for your note Marie!! I have to say…I feel the same about swimming under water! What a great feeling isn’t it? I love everything you wrote!

  129. My favorite way to ‘feed my soul’ is to take my favorite book to the beach with my kiddos and read and be present with them, always fills my tank… 🙂

  130. i feed my soul with an early morning workout!

  131. I feed my soul by setting time aside to read and take long walks 🙂

  132. I subscribe to the rss feed.

  133. I follow aggieskitchen on twitter @deegee13

  134. I like Aggie’s kitchen on fb as Dee G.

  135. I like Path to Grow on fb as Dee G.

  136. by being outdoors—-taking in the scents, sights, and the beauty of the day.

  137. I “Like” Path To Growth on Facebook (Karin A-g)

  138. I “Like” Aggie’s Kitchen on Facebook (Karin A-g)

  139. Going back home and running by the beach early in the morning does the trick for me


  140. Sitting on our back deck watching the birds at the feeders and the squirrels running around in the woods.

  141. I subscribed to your RSS feed via Google reader as Sandra K321

  142. I like Aggie’s Kitchen on facebook. (username is my name)

  143. I like Aggie’s Kitchen on fb.

  144. I feed my soul by knitting.

  145. I totally missed the cutoff for the giveaway, but I had to comment here anyway. I feed my soul by letting others know something they’ve done to make me smile. I try to do this daily…and many times, it’s someone new. There are so many truly beautiful (and I’m not talking outer beauty!) people out there to meet and interact with, and I enjoy letting others know when they’ve made me smile. 🙂

    Keri’s book sounds lovely, and I may or may not (read: will) seek it out and buy it! Thanks for sharing with us, Aggie!