Aggie's Kitchen

This week…

on the Family Kitchen… (disclaimer: prepare to get hungry)

Oldies but goodies:

Sesame Noodles


Mexican Baked Penne (thanks for the delicious photo Kim!)


Fresh Corn Salad


Watermelon Mojitos



And a new recipe for you…

Cheesy Black Bean and Pepper Enchiladas


Have a great weekend!





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9 comments on “This week…”

  1. Have a very yummy week! Sounds like that shouldn’t be too hard 🙂

  2. I am normally not at all into blending Mexican and Italian, but I am, surprisingly, compelled to try that penne. Sounds AWESOME.

  3. It all looks so delicious! You weren’t kidding-now I am hungry!

  4. That corn salad looks amazing!

  5. LOVE sesame noodles! And your pasta bake was SUCH a hit when I made it for Josh’s office. You’re the best Aggie!

  6. Your recipes are great! Your pictures are great! My stomach is hungry! Good job 🙂 I’m loving the sounds of that pasta bake. I always start out my week watching my carbs, but by the weekend, I’m ONLY eating carbs. haha

  7. It all looks good to me!

  8. I’m loving both the sesame noodles and the fresh corn salad!

  9. What a wonderful week of eating!!