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…is what Larry is calling me now that I have decided to join this so called modern world of “blogging”. I am still not 100% grasping what blogging is about but I am embracing it and going to make it my own….so here goes…

I love food. I love to entertain. I’ve learned this about myself in the last few years. I also love to share what I cook (both by feeding and talking about it)….and I love to hear about what others are cooking too.

I sometimes think I am borderline obsessive about food. So this will be a creative outlet for me. If you know me, you know that I can talk about food all day, so I finally have a place to talk to my heart’s content. =)

I am also going to use this blog as a way to organize myself. I have a bazillion recipes laying around my kitchen in manilla folders, and I have a nice collection of wonderful cookbooks too. I need a place to keep my thoughts on each recipe that I try or even one that I create from scratch. I find it very hard to follow a recipe to a tee, I am always tempted to change something, like add an extra spice or vegetable so this will be a perfect place for me to keep notes on the changes I make.

So here’s to my new place to be myself and talk talk talk …. so excited!!

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9 comments on “Snoop Bloggy Blog”

  1. Yo snoop bloggy blog 🙂 On behalf of all women who have the pleasure of finding this awesome blog, thank you for sharing it with the world. That is very generous of you since we all could have just gone on being jealous of the hostess with the mostest.

    Can’t wait for Guacamole!!

  2. Love the blog…and looking forward to blogging with you :)! The recipes look delish – and can’t wait to make that guacamole! Yum!

  3. Hey Aggie! Thanks for the tasty banana muffins this morning. Larry shared one with me. I loved the cinnamon frosting. It was quite scrumptious! I love cooking too and I’m a Food Network-aholic! Actually, I love eating more than cooking, but cooking gets me to the eating part so it all works out. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the muffin. =) -Lisa Harper

  4. Aggie, Thanks for sharing. I love your blog and from one food junkie to another, I cannot wait to experiment with your recipes.

  5. I love the clever name on your first post. 🙂

  6. I wish I had known you then! But so happy to know you NOW! And SO happy you hit “create blog”. 🙂

  7. Happy 3 year anniversary Aggie’s Kitchen!!! Love!

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