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My Favorite Cookbook

I get very excited about this cookbook. I use it alot. I’m not really one for picking favorites, but as far as cookbooks go, I LOVE this one. It’s a classic, and I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve made from it.

I just recently made the Coconut Cupcakes for my niece’s shower and they were so yummy. They are rich and cakelike, these aren’t your typical preschooler cupcakes.

Not my picture….I’ll have to replace it with my own when I make them again.

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3 comments on “My Favorite Cookbook”

  1. These cupcakes are delicious! I’m lucky to be able to sample Aggie’s food since I’m one of her sister-in-laws. There have been many family functions and they are always revolved around FOOD! I am a “food freak” myself, always trying new recipes and collecting cookbooks. I love sharing recipes with Aggie and others in my family. Look forward to reading your blog Aggie. Keep on cooking!!!

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