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Not your Maryland Crabcake…but still good!

I have never had a crab cake, nor eaten a blue crab until I met my husband. What pasta is to my family, crabs are to his. I think that goes for anyone that is from Baltimore or anywhere in the Maryland area. I love that I’ve become a bit of a crab cake snob because of my husband and his family…too much filler is a big no no and unfortunately most restaurant crab cakes have way too much filler. So instead of spending all that money on a restaurant crab cake and be disappointed, I have found a no fail way to make crab cakes at home and make my husband a very happy man. Crab meat is not cheap so this is not something we have on a regular basis, but when we do treat ourselves it is so worth it.

Because I wasn’t able to find fish stock in the grocery store, I made my own (thanks to the very helpful man at the fish counter). I purchased some King crab legs on sale, shelled the meat for a future meal and used the shells for the stock. I don’t recall ever eating King crab legs before. I thought they were pretty good as I was nibbling on them during the shelling process. I was not sure what I wanted to make with them, due to lack of time and not wanting to waste the meat I pulled together some quick crab cakes last night. The verdict was that they were good…but Blue Crab is so much better!

I used the same recipe I always use, all you need is a few basic ingredients and that trusy Old Bay Seasoning can. The recipe is written on the side of the can.

Crab Cakes

Recipe found on Old Bay Seasoning can

2 slices bread, crusts removed
2 TB mayo
2 tsp, OLD BAY Seasoning
2 tsp parsley flakes
1/2 tsp prepared yellow mustard
1 egg, beaten
1 lb crab meat

Break bread into small pieces. Mix in mayonnaise, OLD BAY, parsley, mustard and egg. Stir in crab meat (gently). Shape mixture into patties. Broil 10 minutes or fry until golden brown.

I always sprinkle a little paprika on top for some color.

We normally eat our crab cakes with a few saltines, yellow mustard and some lemon, but last night we decided to have them on a bun with tartar sauce.

We are hunkered down here at home waiting out the rains of Fay. On rainy days at home I always find comfort in cooking. My 17 month old does not find that same comfort (pushing around my pantry basket of potatoes and onions is way more fun)…but with Daddy home from work today I have an ambitious list of goodies I want to cook. More to come later this week.

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12 comments on “Not your Maryland Crabcake…but still good!”

  1. I love crab, but have never had crabcakes. I am going to have to add this to my list to try!!

  2. Every time I go out to dinner with my husband we get crab cakes. I love them and yours look delicious! How cute your little one is pushing the cart around. Be safe with the coming storm, Aggie!

  3. Looks great Aggie,
    I’ve never made my own crabcakes, but think it’s time I do!

    Your little girl is too cute! It’s funny the things they find more entertaining than toys.

  4. I just had my first crab cake recently and really enjoyed it. That crab cake looks really good!

  5. Oh, wow, your husband is from MD? That is not far. He must know his crab cakes. These look delicious!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you found the recipe you’ve been looking for!
    I glad I stopped by, you have a great blog.
    Sometimes the best recipes come from the side of a can or box!
    Btw, your daughter is a doll!

  7. My hubby loves any kind of fish cake he would love your crab cakes. They look really really tasty!

  8. Yummy! It’s like a crab burger! I love the flavour of crab so I would love that!

  9. I am a huge crab lover. Your crabcake burger looks fantastic! Your daughter is a doll… don’t you love it when they “help” you in the kitchen.

  10. That looks great! I am from MD originally! 🙂 I could so go for one of your crabcakes right now!

    Stay safe!

  11. be careful with fay… she seems to be a bad housguest and never leave. i don’t get many crabcakes but these look wonderful.

  12. Yum, Aggie — those look amazing. Between you and Patsy, I’m going to have to splurge and make some crabcakes soon!

    I love the idea for the football food event! I might just participate!