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I am one lucky woman…

Look what just got delivered to my door….

On Sunday, my husband and I are celebrating our 6 year anniversary. It’s really crazy how time flies and you don’t realize it’s flying until something like an anniversary or birthday comes up. Life gets really busy…and it’s easy to not stop and really think about all of your blessings each day. I have a lot of love and laughter in my life and am so thankful to have 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful husband to share it all with.

Happy anniversary babe (and thank you so much for the beautiful roses!!)…

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Stay tuned for some yummy fall goodies…

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18 comments on “I am one lucky woman…”

  1. Your flowers are beautiful. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on six years. Thank you for sharing your lovely wedding photo!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you! What gorgeous flowers!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Aw, happy anniversary Aggie! That is awesome! 🙂 Roberto and I are celebrating 6 MONTHS this month! LOL! 😉

  4. Ohhh, Happy, Happy Anniversary! Your wedding photo is absolutely lovely, as are the roses. Wishing your a lifetime of love and laughter with your hubby!

  5. You lucky girl! I love getting roses and you got such pretty colors! Happy anniversary.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Time does fly by. I love your wedding picture. You both look extremely happy.

  7. Congratulations! I wish you and your husband continued happiness and success. Happy Anniversary!! The flowers are beautiful!

  8. You gorgeous bride! Happy Anniversary. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for all the love and laughter.

  9. Wow, look at you two. What a gorgeous pair! Happy Anniversary to you and I wish you many more. Enjoy those roses, I bet they smell divine.

  10. happy anniversary! may you have many more!

  11. How sweet! Your wedding picture is beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend- Go Gators (I can say that since we aren’t playing each other this weekend 🙂

  12. Happy Anniversary! What a thoughtful gesture!

  13. Ahhhh..Happy Anniversary!

  14. Oh my gosh, I love weddings. Post more pics! Happy Anniversary {we celebrated 6 this year too!}

  15. those flowers are beautiful! Happy anniversary! : )

  16. Ahhhhh, those aare beautiful and Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Mine is coming up too, time seriously flies!

  17. Happy Anniversary Aggie! Whishing you many more!

  18. Thank you all for the kind comments and well wishes!! 🙂