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Grilled Pizza

Those who know me well, know that pizza is absolutely one of my favorite foods. A perfect dinner for me is good pizza, good wine and possibly some good ice cream afterwards. Doesn’t sound bad at all does it?

Grilled Pizza

Although I grew up in a family pizzeria, I never really attempted to make my own pizza at home for some reason. I’ve watched my dad make probably a million pies over the years, you would think I would know what to do with my eyes closed. But honestly, it wasn’t until my Grown Folks Pizza and Ice Cream Social that I started to feel comfortable working with dough. Once I saw my friend Dan toss a disc of pizza dough in the air, I decided that I am going to have to step it up and carry on the pizza making tradition in the family. So I’ve been practicing. And it’s been fun.

Now that I’ve got the dough handling down, I wanted to try something new. Grilled Pizza. I have heard about it in blogosphere and even watched an episode on it on Grill It With Bobby Flay the other day. But honestly, the thought of it kinda made me nervous.

Grilled Pizza

I’m here to tell you…don’t be scared to try this. I was so excited about how my first grilled pizza turned out that I can not wait to make it again! The crust is so crisp that you won’t believe you had a part in making it.

Grilled Pizza

Now, I did encounter a slight obstacle while cooking my pizza on the grill. I started off by grilling up the bottom of the pizza so that it would be easier to handle when adding the toppings. I then took the parcooked dough of the grill, added the toppings, placed back on the hot grill rack, and pulled down the cover (all with the help of my sister in law, her husband and a glass of pinot grigio!). The top of the pizza didn’t cook up as quickly as I thought it would so to avoid the risk of burning the bottom of the pizza, we put it under the broiler in the oven for a bit to finish it off. We weren’t disappointed in the results at all…though I am wondering how I could have cooked that entire pizza on the grill without burning it. Bobby (Flay) grilled up both sides of the pizza before adding any toppings, so I will try that next time. Any advice out there?? Please share…

Grilled Pizza

This pizza did turn out delicious, between the wonderfully light and crispy crust and the fresh toppings it was no doubt a winner. This pizza recipe has been featured before in my Foodbuzz 24 post, but it was so good that I had to share with you again!

Grilled Pizza


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Larry's Italian Stallion Pizza


  • Pizza Dough (I get mine from Publix bakery)
  • Olive Oil
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Dried Oregano
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Prosciutto de Parma, chopped
  • Genoa Salami, chopped (we left this out this time)
  • Roasted Red Peppers
  • Asiago Cheese shavings
  • Fresh Basil


  1. Spread out dough to desired shape and size (don't worry about it being perfect). Brush both sides of dough with olive oil to avoid sticking on the grill (you can also spray the grill to be extra safe). Sprinkle dough with salt and pepper (optional). Place dough carefully on preheated grill rack over medium-low indirect heat.
  2. Let dough cook for about 10 minutes, watching carefully for even browning and grill marks. Once you've got your crust nice and crisp, take off grill with large spatula and place onto a baking sheet or pizza stone. Add your pizza sauce, dried oregano, mozzarella and additional toppings. Place in oven, preheated to 400-425 degrees, to finish cooking for about 10 minutes. Pizza is done when cheese and crust are a golden brown.

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Grilled Pizza

Oh and P.S….

…one of my recipes is a finalist in MyRecipes’ Who Makes the Best Summer Dessert? contest! Please go check it out here and vote for your favorite!! Voting ends Thursday, July 23!


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22 comments on “Grilled Pizza”

  1. Congrats on the recipe! I am clearly going to vote for you as many times as I'm allowed 😉

    The pizza looks absolutely fabulous. I've only done pizza on the grill once and it didn't get a bit crisp on the bottom but the flavor was so good!

  2. soooo yummy Aggie. I have yet to do the pizza on the grill yet. Looks wonderful

  3. Your pizza looks incredibly good. Good luck in the contest. Your crisp looks delicious.

  4. I love grilled pizza! We like making little individual ones that friends can top however they want.

    Just voted for you 🙂

  5. Will vote for you. I am trying pizza on the grill this week. Will let you know if I have any revelations. I miss my Publix.

  6. Fabulous grilled pizza Aggie.

  7. I haven't tried making pizza dough myseld but rely on a cousin for the!
    your pizza looks so wonderful!

  8. This looks so mouthwatering Aggie. I really need to try this gilled pizza thing. Seems like everyone is trying it out but me! lol. I could easily get used to this for dinner!

  9. I wasnt so sure about the grilled pizza, but I tried it and i loved this pizza!

  10. Grilling a pizza is next on the list for sure!

  11. That za looks awesome!

  12. I love grilled pizza! Haven't made it since last year… thinking that I grilled one side, then flipped it over and grilled for a bit before adding the toppings while it was still on the grill.

  13. Funny, my hubs made grilled pizza for dinner tonight. It sure was tasty! You have my vote:)

  14. I have got to try grilling me some pizza! Looks fantastic!

  15. Aggie,
    This was an excellent pizza. I've always been intimidated to make my own pizza but after watching you make it, I think I can do it. The taste is worth the effort. Thanks for teaching me!

  16. Pizza is one of our most favorite foods too! This looks so so yummy!

  17. This looks absolutely delicious! I wish I had a grill 🙁

  18. Great looking pizza! The key to making the whole thing on the grill is to start off over direct heat with the dough to cook the one side, then when you flip it move it to indirect heat and add the toppings as quickly as you can. Then let it cook over indirect heat (medium heat is usually what I use). This will usually prevent from burning the crust and still getting the toppings and cheese fully cooked.

  19. This looks so good! I was always scared to put it on the grill…you make it look so easy!

  20. Grilled pizza is the bomb!! Now I just need a new grill 🙂

  21. yummy yummy yummy!!! I want to try grilled pizza but am too scared of the dough sticking or falling through the racks lol.

  22. I am definitely going to try grilling pizza this year….looks delicious!