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Greek Chicken and Vegetable “Fried” Rice

Sometimes the best meals come out of those days you play “Use it Up” in the kitchen. I play that game a lot…as I’m sure many of you do too! This meal consisted of leftover grilled chicken that I spiced up with Greek Seasoning (you can mix up your own with salt, pepper, dried oregano, garlic powder) and a bunch of vegetables that I had sitting in my produce drawer begging to be eaten. I also went the easy route and used Rice a Roni Whole Grains Chicken and Herb Classico. I love their line of Savory Whole Grain Blends, they come in really handy on those nights you are trying to put together something quick.

I call this dish fried rice because after sauteing the vegetables and cooking the rice, I threw it all in the same pan with the leftover chicken and “fried” it together…and the real reason is because my picky son likes fried rice and I wanted him to eat it! And thankfully he did (squash, zucchini, asparagus and all = accomplishment!)

Greek Chicken and Vegetable “Fried” Rice

1 box Rice a Roni Whole Grains Chicken and Herb Classico
leftover chicken, chopped or shredded (I used grilled Greek seasoned chicken for this, but you can subsitute any chicken)
1-2 TB olive oil
1 -2 zucchini, chopped small
1-2 squash, chopped small
bunch of asparagus, chopped small
1 onion, chopped
salt and pepper to taste
shredded parmesan cheese
toasted pine nuts, optional

Cook rice according to directions.

Heat oil in large nonstick skillet. Add chopped vegetables, salt and pepper to taste, and saute at med-high heat for 8-10 minutes or until cooked. Once vegetables are cooked, add chicken and rice to skillet and continue to cook for about 3-4 minutes. Toss to combine flavors, add toasted pine nuts if using. Serve with shredded parmesan cheese.

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17 comments on “Greek Chicken and Vegetable “Fried” Rice”

  1. ‘Use it up’ is a game I play a lot of, too. But I’m pretty sure mine rarely yields such scrummy results.

  2. I love thos one dish meals! It’s great when you find some yummy products to speed along the dinner making process.

  3. Use it up is the name of the game these days. I guess you imagination is your limit and your dish looks fabulous.

  4. Wonderful put together w/great flavors, just loving it!! And… I have leftover chicken too!

  5. I love all of the green veggies! Looks like a great meal.

  6. yummy I m hungry now 🙂

  7. Looks great Aggie! I’d eat this for dinner every night of the week!

  8. Looks tasty Aggie. I love easy recipes using leftovers.

  9. I play that game too! Great combination!

  10. I don’t think too many people are letting food go to waste these days. I love those easy one pot meals that taste fabulous. I am impressed once again, Aggie. I am eyeballing that asparagus in the last picture!

  11. This looks so wonderful. I love coming over here and seeing so many delicious veggies. Great dinner!

  12. I agree. Some of our best meals are the “clear the pantry” ones. Sometimes they’re random, but great nonetheless. I love the combo of veggies you used!

  13. yummy, and i love fried rice! so good!

  14. Sounds yummy! Love those “throw it together” meals. Sometimes they are better than a so-called “real” recipe!

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog, I just added you to my links 🙂

  15. I agree – I’ve made some of my tastyess meals by using up leftovers in a novel way. Your dish looks great!

  16. Fusion food! I love those Rice a Roni’s too, I even brought a couple over in my suitcase for a rainy day since you can’t get them here. They are great for those brainless nights you just want it DONE!

    This looks great, and full of flavor. It seems like the kind of dish the whole family would greedily eat!

  17. First time here. This looks great and quite easy to make.

    The one dish things are a blessing esp. one like this one.