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For all you Salad Dressing Snobs! – Homemade Herbed Ranch Dressing

I’m a salad dressing snob. I don’t know when I became this way, but over the years bottled dressings just seem to camp out in my fridge after only being used once. They end up expiring and being thrown away. It happens every time. It’s a shame because I really hate waste.

I guess what it comes down to is that I just like the way homemade dressings taste better. I’m always throwing together vinaigrettes in a jar, I’ve found that this is my favorite (and easiest) way to make them. Lately though, I’ve been seeing awesome looking homemade Ranch dressings here and here…and of course I have started to have Ranch dressing cravings. I never have thought to make my own, wouldn’t even know where to start, but after looking at how simple these recipes were I just had to try it for myself. I am so happy I did.

I’m not a huge mayo fan so I decided to use sour cream as the base instead. I did add a little mayo to make it just a bit creamier. The fresh herbs are what really makes the dressing, so don’t skimp on them.

Go ahead…make your own. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy your salad!

Homemade Herbed Ranch Dressing
Inspired by Prudence Pennywise and Smoky Mountain Cafe

1 garlic clove, minced
1/2 cup light sour cream
1 cup low fat buttermilk
2 TB of mayo
juice of 1 lemon
3 – 4 TB chopped fresh herbs (Italian parsley, cilantro, chives, basil – use all or 1)
2 TB chopped scallions
good pinch or two of salt
fresh ground pepper
dash of cayenne or chili powder

Whirl ingredients in food processor or blender until smooth.

Look what I got in the mail today!
Good foodie reading…and maybe I’ll finally learn how to make bread!

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14 comments on “For all you Salad Dressing Snobs! – Homemade Herbed Ranch Dressing”

  1. I am definitely going to try this now that I am growing my very own herbs!!! Thanks Aggie!! =)

  2. I have been wanting to make this. I know what you mean about bottled dressings so we end up have oo and vinegar ALL the time.

  3. All those herbs sound delicious. Thankfully I have not killed all my herbs yet so I will have to give this a try since my daughter loves ranch.
    I read the Julie/Julia book. Let me know what you think when you are finished!

  4. I am one of those snobs:) Yours looks great though! I read the Julia/Julia book. It is a fun one. I hope you enjoy it!

  5. Mmmmm, I can’t believe I haven’t made my own ranch dressing before. I think all of you foodies have inspired me to get on the ball.

  6. Looks and sounds SO good!! I usually just squeeze lemon juice on my salads, but I am going to try this!!

  7. I haven’t found any ranch that I like either. I am so excited to try this out – it’s great to see the lower fat ingredients.

  8. Yum- this looks great. I love homemade dressing and ranch is a favorite!

  9. That looks deelish! Homemade is the best. You are going to LOOOOVE that bread baking book. It’s amazing.

  10. I’m the same way about bottled dressing. I used to live by it, but once I tried making my own I can’t go back. I need to try making homemade ranch as its my husband’s favorite!

  11. The dressing looks wonderful! I’ll have to try it.

  12. Oh yes I remember that on Ms. Prudy’s site. And you are not alone in being a salad dressing snob. I buy so many of them. I love the diversity at Whole Foods.
    And I was so glad to see you put big chunks of cheese in your salads. YES!

  13. I usually have my salads with oilive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt, but your ranch dressing sounds (and looks) amazing! I got the Artisan bread in 5 minutes a short while ago also! it’s great, hope you like it as I did! I already made 2 great breads! Can’t wait to see what you came up with!

  14. That salad looks good! I was wondering how ranch dressing was made. I like the use of the fresh herbs in it.