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DIY Healthy Holiday Gifts {Guest Post: Shaw’s Simple Swaps}

I’m so happy to have my sweet friend Liz from Shaw’s Simple Swaps here today sharing her ideas for DIY Healthy Holiday Gifts! Please be sure to say hello and share any ideas you have with us in the comments!

DIY Healthy Holiday Gifts - simple ideas for homemade food gifts this season!

Hi there!

My name is Liz Shaw, fellow blogger at Shaw’s Simple Swaps, and healthy fit foodie.
I’m honored to be here today to chat with you! I had the pleasure of meeting Aggie at the Blog Brulee sponsored trip earlier this year and grew to love her even more than I did online (is that possible?)
Anyways, as a registered dietitian nutritionist, I’m always on the hunt for simple swaps I can incorporate into those delightful holiday recipes to make the perfect homemade gift. Nothing screams the holiday season like a gift from the heart, right?

Plus, I love it when I can show friends that REAL food tastes good and is GOOD for them too!

So, in the spirit of the season, here are three #shawsimpleswap tips to inspire you to build your own DIY healthy holiday gifts for teachers, friends and family this year.

DIY Healthy Holiday Gifts - simple ideas for homemade food gifts this season!

1. Sprinkle the seasonal flavors in!

Why do pumpkin spice lattes sell so well? Because everyone loves to get in the holiday spirit with a little #psl! I like to take this seasonal flavor and sprinkle it over a medley of mixed nuts. When you roast them on your own, you can control the sodium and added sugar. Put them in mason jars and you’ve got yourself gourmet Pumpkin Spiced Nuts for less than $3.00 a jar!

DIY Healthy Holiday Gifts - simple ideas for homemade food gifts this season!

2. Fit chocolate in!

Everybody loves a chocolate goody. Combine the love for chocolate with the infamous love for Chex Mix and you’ve got yourself a DIY Puppy Chow that will please adults and kid
s alike! Plus, for a fun twist, use a chocolate peanut powder and add in crunchy, sweet banana chips, not only will every bite taste like a Reece’s, but you’ll also add a dose of protein too!

DIY Healthy Holiday Gifts - simple ideas for homemade food gifts this season!

3. Rely on the classics.

My fondest Christmas memory is making those powdered sugar “snowball” cookies with my late Grandma. Not only are these a classic many people can relate to (aka, Russian Tea Cookies), but they really look delightful when tied in saran wrap with a pretty green and red ribbon! The big bonus, I’ve lightened them up and lowered the sugar by using heart healthy nuts and peanut butter as the base. Have your own favorite family recipe? Bust it out and get cooking, there’s always a healthier #simpleswap you can add to the mix!

Thanks so much for tuning in! I’d love to hear what you’re favorite homemade gifts are. Please comment below or connect with me at Shaw’s Simple Swaps.



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11 comments on “DIY Healthy Holiday Gifts {Guest Post: Shaw’s Simple Swaps}”

  1. Thanks so much Aggie for inviting me to share the holiday cheer with your fabulous readers! Looking forward to a happy holiday season!!

  2. Love these awesome ideas! The cookies looks awesome– love the suggestion of using peanut butter as the base!

  3. Love these ideas! I personally enjoy gifting food stuffs… and love receiving it just as much!

  4. I love making cookies for my friends and family! Plus it’s a fun way to spend time in the kitchen!

  5. LOVE LOVE this post and all these great DIY gifts! Nice job, Liz… especially love your tip on relying on the classics! xo

  6. Thanks so much Jessica, Sara, Shannon and Laura! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Warning- make extra since I promise you’ll eat a few during the baking!