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Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club – Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Our Cooking Light‘s Virtual Supper Club meets again! This month’s theme is based on Regional Cuisine…dishes inspired by the flavors of our own local regions. The ladies in our group came together to create a fantastic dinner party that I only wish I could actually be attending in real life! Our menu this month is as follows:

Bruschetta with Peach Salsa and Melted Brie by Val (British Columbia)
Spinach Salad with Maple-Dijon Vinaigrette
by Helene
Pan-Seared Shrimp Po-Boys by Jamie (Pensacola, Florida)
Double Maple Cupcakes by Shelby (Upstate New York)
Key Lime Pie
by Aggie
(Central Florida)

You can pretty much find Key Lime Pie on any restaurant menu in Florida…in fact, did you know that Key Lime Pie is the official Florida state pie? (I actually didn’t until I googled it recently…) The juice used in making this sweet but tart pie is from Key limes, which are found in none other than the Florida Keys. I actually have a Key Lime tree in my backyard, it’s still a baby so no limes yet, but I am looking forward to the day when I can go out back and find some of these cute little fruits on the tree! If you don’t have access to fresh Key limes, look for Nellie & Joe’s Famous Key West Lime Juice in your grocery store…its amazing and worked perfectly for this pie!

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is traditionally made with egg yolks, key lime juice and condensed milk…how do you lighten it up you ask? Well, Cooking Light did a great job in doing so…using a combination of egg whites and whole eggs, and fat free condensed milk. The flavor of the key lime juice is so distinct, you can hardly taste the difference. It’s nice to know that I can enjoy my favorite dessert without the guilt! And it’s hard not imagining yourself beach side while eating a slice!

Click here for a copy of this lightened up Key Lime Pie recipe!!

Key Lime Pie

Oh and P.S….Key Lime Pie should always have a pale yellow custard filling…stay away from the green pies!!

Key Lime Pie


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36 comments on “Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club – Key Lime Pie”

  1. This looks delicious! Too bad you weren't bringing a couple slices to Grumpy and I on Friday! :-p

  2. Aggie,
    You know how much I love Key Lime Pie. I will have to try this lightened up version. It really does say Florida to me. Thanks for "bringing" such a great dessert

  3. I just made Maria's key lime pie bars for Josh last week (they were a slightly lightened version as well) and he could NOT get enough 😉 Its his favorite pie. Yours looks like it turned out perfectly

  4. Key lime is my hubs favorite! Will have to make him this one!

  5. We do find key limes here in Canada at certain times of the year. I love key lime pie, and key lime cheesecake….thanks for sharing this with our Virtual Supper Club:D

  6. I love key lime pie! Haven't had it yet this summer though so I may need to make this!

  7. Key lime pie is one of my favorites. It's nice to have a light version to try!

  8. This pie looks amazing – hard to believe it's from Cooking Light!!! I love Key Lime Pie, especially in the summer. I will have to look for that brand of lime juice – it's good to know that it has a great flavor!

  9. What a great recipe. The pie looks absolutely amazing.

  10. Oh my gosh, I love key lime pie, looks wonderful! It's so refreshing. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog 🙂

  11. Looks great! My sister in law makes key lime pies a couple times a year, good stuff.

  12. I'm betting that tastes better than the key lime pie yogurt I just finished! 😉 Looks wonderful and refreshing!

  13. This looks so good! Especially with that garnish on top. I made key lime pie once probably 15 years ago and it curdled, so I've never made it again. I think it's time to give it another try. It's such a refreshing summer dessert!

  14. Definitely no green key lime pie. That's kinda funky! This one looks great.

  15. Looks incredibly delicious, Aggie! I'm loving that last photo.

  16. Thank you for sharing! I love key lime pie, and any excuse to eat a huge slice is fine by me.

  17. This really does look so light and delicious!

  18. I would love to be able to find fresh Key Limes and make this pie. I've never tasted it. Looks yummy.

  19. Light key lime, huh? Looks very delicious!

  20. Aggie, this looks amazing!!!! What a nice addition, something citrusy for the summer.

  21. It's great to find a lighter version of one of my very favorite pies. Great photos! Good luck with growing your own key limes. 😉

  22. It doesn't look light at all, it looks creamy and delicious.

  23. This is one of my favorite recipes for Key Lime Pie! It looks heavenly!

  24. What a pretty presentation!

  25. key lime pie is one of my favorite things to make. I can't wait to try this version.


  26. Yummy key lime pie! I really need to try more CL desserts. This one looks absolutely fabulous. So summery.
    I always buy frozen edamame. I keep some in the pods for snacking and some that are shelled for cooking. My kids loove it. My favorite brand is SeaPoint Farms. The ones in the pod are lightly salted so they taste super yummy.
    Probably tmi, but that's me!

  27. Wow, I love the color! The Cooking Light supper club sounds fun. I should try that out since I cook so many of their recipes!

  28. I just got a subscription to CL, I need to lighten up!Great flavor without all the fat. I have to give this a try!

  29. I have never made a key lime pie – I must change this immediately …(with this recipe). It looks great Aggie.

  30. This is a wonderful recipe, and your photos really do it justice. Love the delicate garnish. Nice work! I wish I could have a bite for breakfast right this second…sph

  31. We loooooove key lime pie at our house. MMMMMMM in fact it all of a sudden sounds so delicious!

  32. With all the warm, humid weather we having been having this week, your key lime pie would be a welcome dessert.

  33. Ha! This Floridian did not know that about Key Lime Pie! I mean, a state pie? But your's looks fabulous! Yum! Makes me wish I could get some key limes to make this.

  34. This recipie looks amazing!

  35. Yummy! I would love to sink my teeth into this lovely key lime pie! 🙂