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Cheese & Onion Enchiladas with Verde Sauce

We have no trouble eating Mexican inspired meals in this house at least once a week. It’s one of the easiest kinds of meals to put together for a family in my opinion. You can please pretty much everyone without too much additional effort. And if you are using fresh and whole ingredients, then it really isn’t too bad on the waistline either.

Now, there’s definitely some cheese in these enchiladas, so I wouldn’t call this a diet meal by any means. I’m not really a fan of the word diet, or the feeling of what I can and can’t eat…I just eat to feel good. And if my food is made of fresh, good for you ingredients, then it works for me. It’s all about balance…and cheese is part of that balance. These enchiladas are an example of exactly how I like to eat.

First…let’s talk about the tortillas. TortillaLand recently contacted me and asked if they could send me some of their authentic uncooked tortillas to try out. Uh…yes please. I have never made my own tortillas from scratch but I can only imagine how amazing they must taste…and I’m thinking they might taste pretty close to these tortillas considering they only have 5 ingredients….wheat flour, water, canola oil, salt and sugar. Good stuff.

They are kinda fun to cook up too…I took a dry skillet and heated it up, placed the uncooked tortilla in it and waited about 30 seconds then flipped it over for about another 30 seconds. I loved seeing it puff up…I have to tell you, my son and I were having trouble not eating these warm out of the pan. So good.

If you can find them near you, be sure to snatch some up.

The verde enchilada sauce was another awesome part of this meal. I am in love with anything tomatillo and cilantro and have been craving green salsa lately. I bought a bunch of tomatillos at the store the other day and while looking up recipes for green salsa I came across this green enchilada sauce from Our Best Bites instead. The sauce turned out tangy and slightly sweet…so fresh and delicious…with a teeny tiny bit of kick from the fresh jalapenos. I knew I was serving this to the kids or else I would have added a little more heat…but that’s what hot sauce is for right?

The recipe for the sauce makes a lot and I was happy to freeze what I didn’t use for future meals.

I served these simple Cheese & Onion Enchiladas with Verde Sauce with my favorite quickie black beans, chopped tomato and assorted hot sauces. If you want to save dinner time prep, make your sauce the day before and cook up your tortillas ahead of time and store in fridge.

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Cheese & Onion Enchiladas with Verde Sauce


  • 8 flour tortillas (I recommend TortillaLand)
  • 8 oz block of mild white cheese i.e. monterey, cheddar, american, shredded (I recommend shredding yourself over pre
  • shredded, melts so much better, a little goes a long way)
  • 1/2 large vidalia or sweet onion, finely chopped
  • 3-4 cups green enchilada sauce


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. In a bowl, combine shredded cheese and chopped onion. Lay tortilla flat on clean surface and place about two tablespoons of cheese mixture across tortilla; gently roll tortilla up like a cigar and place in lightly greased (with non stick cooking spray) large baking dish. Repeat with remaining cheese mixture. Pour enchilada sauce generously over the prepared enchiladas until completely covered in sauce.
  3. Place in oven and bake for about 20-25 minutes until sauce is bubbly and cheese is completely melted.

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39 comments on “Cheese & Onion Enchiladas with Verde Sauce”

  1. uncooked tortillas?? I’ve never heard of such a thing- how cool! The enchiladas looks super tasty. I love onions…I wish Josh did too! And I agree- Mexican is always a crowd pleaser. Hope you’re doing well 😉

  2. Those tortillas are interesting! I’ve never seen such a thing!

    The enchiladas look really delicious. My kids would gobble them up!

  3. Those tortillas are AMAZING! I love freshly made (in this case cooked) tortillas. These enchiladas are on my “to make” list this week! Thanks.

  4. This looks wonderful – I hope to find those tortillas!! Love the idea of homemade sauce. Made my own red enchilada sauce last month and it made SUCH a difference!

  5. these look incredible, making my own tortillas is something i must try soon.

  6. OMGoodness these enchiladas look amazing and the salsa verde biy delicious looking! I could have aplateful as I never eat well when my hubs is on travel!

  7. Oh yum! I love those tortillas too. So glad you liked the sauce!

  8. Everything about this dish has my surfer written all over it 🙂 He’s going to fall in love!

  9. Aggie, these enchiladas look great! My kids would love them too. Those Tortilla Land tortillas are awesome!

  10. Oh, yum! Love the TortillaLand tortillas- I tried the corn variety and thought those were delicious. Haven’t seen the flour variety anywhere around me yet.

  11. Our little guy must love Mexican food because that is all I have been wanting! These enchiladas are calling my name!

  12. These look fantastic! I will keep my eye out for the uncooked tortillas.

  13. Mmmm, I could happily eat Mexican 1x,2x,3x a week. Can never go wrong with cilantro and tomatillo! The enchiladas look great!

  14. These look delicious. I’m not so great at Mexican dishes so I really appreciate the step by step instructions and great photos.

  15. I want to try those Tortilla Land tortillas…how cool are they! Your enchiladas look FANTASTIC!I am always craving enchiladas like this:)

  16. That filling oozing out of that top pictures totally makes me want some of this right now!

  17. Ohhhh I am going to have to make time to try this out this week! The green enchilada sauce looks great.

  18. Yum, these looks so delicious. And those tortillas are really cool too – I’d like to try them!

  19. We LOVE Mexican in our house too! I think enchiladas should be a weekly staple. 🙂 I love verde sauce and your version looks so fresh and delish!

  20. I wish my laptop was one of your enchiladas… They look soooo delicious!!

  21. These look super good Aggie. The tortillas are so cool. I checked out their site to see if they are in my area but they aren’t so I guess I would have to use regular tortillas. And you have to use real cheese….no fake cheese here!

  22. I dont know if they are the same brand, but Costco had some fresh tortillas and they were the best! Now I have a craving for enchiladas.

  23. hmmm enchiladas, they look fabulous. were you wearing an awesome scarlet threads apron while making them? I am collecting photos of myself cooking in mine for a post!

  24. I adore enchiladas! Any kind, with all kinds of things in them, I’m not fussy. These look so good right now–wishing I was having them for dinner!

  25. did you see that trader joes has the verde sauce? i want to try it.
    tortilla land contacted me too. how much did they send you?

  26. Tomatillo/Verde sauce is my favorite favorite favorite.

    I have a killer recipe, too. YUM yum yum to these!

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  29. I put those same ingredients together, but with chicken, and bake. I love the idea of tortillas…thinking the next time I make it, I’ll save the left overs and wrap them up in tortillas for a great little snack when my kids get home from school. Yay!

  30. I just made these with salsa verde I canned from garden tomatillos last summer. It was delicious. Served it with black beans, too.

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  33. does anyone know how to sweeten up an enchililda verde sauce that was used in a chicken and bean dish. I usually use a red sauce when fixing this dish, but this time I opted for the enchilada verde sauce, but it tastes bitter..please help!! will adding sugar and garlic help?

    • I don’t recall ever adding sugar to a verde sauce, maybe your tomatillos were bitter? You could always try roasting them first to bring out the natural sweetness.

  34. Hi Aggie, love the tomatillo salsa receipe can’t wait to try. Homemade tortillas are so easy but can tell you how I learned them from my Mom. Take  12 c bowl ( Tupperware size I use) fill halfway with all purpose flour. Now the tricky part to measure out next two ingredients salt and baking powder. Close your hand halfway to create a little well in middle pour in salt  add to flour repeat for baking powder. Next traditionally you use Manteca but I use crisco shortening  2 heaping spoons full ( regular large spoon from flatware set) add to flour. Now you want to get a cup of very hot tap water add gradually to bowl mixing ingredients together until your masa is consistency of bread dough. Sprinkle surface to knead dough until no longer sticky. When pressed with your finger dough will spring back. Separate in small dough ball to roll out tortillas. Sprinkle board & rolling pin with flour roll out dough flip repeat until desired size. Place on castiron grill on medium high heat turn when tortilla starts to puff up then flip cook other side. Grill is too hot if tortilla is smoking. We always ate the first tortillas off the grill  by rubbing butter across the top.

    • Oh how I would love to try a freshly made tortilla!! (I did in Mexico last year, heavenly). Thank you so much for your Mom’s method!! I am saving this for when I get the courage to try, I think I can do it!