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A Photo A Day 2013 {Project 365: Weeks 2 & 3}

January 8

January 8: Strawberry picking, one of my favorite things to do with the kids. We visited Pappy’s Patch this day with a friend, came home with several pounds of sweet berries. (iPhone)

January 9

January 9: Afternoon at the library.

January 10

January 10: Back to the gym after too long of a break. My new favorite workout? Spin bike on the cardio floor to my own music. Followed up by some elliptical, treadmill and stairmaster, depending on day. My goal this year is to keep things interesting and stay consistent.

January 11

January 11: An afternoon at the park with my little girl. It was a little gloomy out that day, but the sun was trying hard to break through. It’s become our Friday afternoon tradition to sit and catch up on a bench under this tree, while her baby doll swings in the baby swings in front of us.

January 12

January 12: My Key Lime/Meyer Lemon tree is finally doing something!!

January 13

January 13: My Birthday. Spent it with my 3 favorite people in the World. At my most favorite place. One of my best birthdays ever. <3

January 14

January 14: Strawberry salad season has officially begun.

January 15

January 15: I finally pulled out my big girl camera and had a photo shoot with my girl, Amber.

January 16

January 16: My windows were professionally cleaned today. Inside and out. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

January 17

January 17: The Bravermans and I have been spending a lot of time together recently. It abruptly ended last night when I unexpectedly reached the last episode available on Netflix. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

January 18

January 18: Apparently my dog matches my floor.

January 19

January 19: Dinner at our favorite local pizza place. Best wine pours in town.

January 20

January 20: Lazy Sunday night dinner. This panini press was my best purchase of 2012. Makes sandwiches extra special.

January 21

January 21: This picture makes me smile. Since we treated ourselves to annual passes at Universal Studios over the holidays, we are taking advantage of any day we can get there. A perfect way to spend a Monday holiday off from school and work with the fam.

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8 comments on “A Photo A Day 2013 {Project 365: Weeks 2 & 3}”

  1. I so LOVE that you are doing Project 365!!! First because it’s so fun to see little bits of your day to day life. And second, because your photog skills ROCK! You use great angles and perspectives from which to shoot. The last pic of your kiddos makes me smile ~ and oh my gracious your girl is a mini YOU. My 2nd fave pic is sweet Amber. Love her!!

  2. Love all of this!! I watched the season finale last night and cried! I’m trying to start watching the older seasons on Amazon via my iPad. Such an awesome showwww!

  3. We planted strawberries…I hope they come in this year! I want one of your Key Lime/Meyer Lemons!!

  4. Great photos! Love the beach one.

  5. I am so jealous of your strawberry season (ours isn’t until June!!) And I want to have a citrus tree!!! And drink wine with you by your pool. The End.

  6. Great photos Aggie. I’m jealous of your workout. I’ve been sick all week and have not been able to do anything. Missing workouts makes me feel bleh!

    One of the nice things about living in California is that my Meyer lemon tree is almost continuously full of lemons. It is an awesome benefit.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Strawberries?! Key limes?! MEYER LEMONS?! Okay, that settles it, I need to move to Florida. 🙂 I hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  8. Oh I love these pictures so much. And The Braverman’s? YES. Love that family so much!