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10 Things In My Fridge: Just For Clicks

Another week, another fridge! Are you liking the series?

This week I’ve got my friend Kim of Just For Clicks here opening the doors of her fridge to show us how she feeds herself and her family. Kim and I connected a few years ago through our blogs and twitter. We hit it off instantly and have been friends ever since, always chatting it up whether it be about mom stuff, house stuff, blog stuff and of course…food stuff. Kim recently started Weight Watchers and has been inspiring me with all of her food pics on Instagram lately. I love this girl and if you don’t already, I know you will too! Thanks for being here today Kim!

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Hi! I’m Kim from Just For Clicks and I’m so happy to be a part of this series here at Aggie’s online home. These kinds of posts are among my favorites… I always love learning what others like and use as a way to try new things. So today, I hope you find something new to try yourself! Here’s what’s inside my fridge:


1.) Yogurt and Eggs: I always keep Chobani yogurt on hand for a quick breakfast or snack. I also like to keep a tub of non-fat plain yogurt on hand for overnight oats or yogurt parfaits. For eggs, I always look for Omega 3 Organic eggs. We eat a lot of eggs in our family (Breakfast for Dinner happens weekly).

2.) Nut Butters: My daughter lives on peanut butter. She’s a picky eater, so natural peanut butter helps me to get protein into her system. I also go through a lot of almond butter as a topping to an english muffin, for the overnight oats, and for Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls (my favorite go-to Clean Eating treat).

3.) Fruit for Easy Snacking: To encourage my family to make healthy food choices, I try to keep things like fresh fruit easy to grab quickly. So I wash grapes and keep them in a bowl at eye level. I also always keep organic strawberries, blueberries and raspberries next to them. I also keep asparagus in a glass container filled with cold water to keep it fresh till ready to use.

4.) Pickles, Condiments, Etc.: I LOVE pickles! So you will always find them in my fridge. A lotta days I will eat a turkey wrap for lunch and it will be loaded with pickles. Mayo — necessary for sandwiches. Buffalo Sauce. Ketchup. Jelly to keep my girl going with her PB&Js. Syrup (love the REAL syrup from Costco). Oh and dog food… because one of my Labs must have canned food mixed with her dry or she will literally NOT eat.

fridge15.) Fruits and Veggies: I keep red and green apples, oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes, etc. in the fruit drawer. And I keep plenty of carrots, bell peppers, and leafy greens in the veggie drawer. (PS ~ Thanks to Aggie, I wash my greens and put them in a bag with a damp paper towel so they are ready to use.

6.) Cheeses and Nuts: Feta cheese. String Cheese. American Cheese (my picky eater LOVES grilled cheese AND my dogs need it to take their meds). Flaxseed meal. Raw Almonds. Pine nuts. Almond meal.

7.) Lunchmeat, Bacon, Etc.: Every week I buy Applegate Farms (because of their humane animal treatment) Turkey breast for sandwiches. Turkey Bacon is a huge staple in my house. Chicken Sausages (another THANKS to Aggie for the suggestion) make quick dinners when roasted or sautéed with veggies. Turkey Breast Hotdogs. Ezekial Sprouted Grain Tortillas.

fridge28.) Sauces: My man loves Barbecue. So at any given time we have MULTIPLE bottles of BBQ sauce. My boys also are addicted to hot sauce, so we will also always have MULTIPLE bottles on hand. Soy sauce. Worcestershire Sauce. Salad Dressings. Mustards.

9.) Milk, Juice and Butter: I keep organic, humanely handled dairy milk on hand. I always keep Unsweetened Almond Milk for cereal and making smoothies. Orange Juice. Butter is also ALWAYS gonna be in my fridge!

10.) Coffee Creamer: I loved that Liz shared her unhealthy staples that she still keeps in her fridge. I will say that, though I have tried, coffee creamer is something I will not give up! The top one is my “healthy” creamer which rarely gets used — it’s coconut creamer. It just doesn’t give me the creaminess I need. So I go for the best-of-the-worst and use Bailey’s French Vanilla. The ingredients aren’t perfect but there’s nothing hydrogenated so I feel a bit better.

What you don’t see? Well, for starters, I am hoping my fridge has an early demise. We’ve moved a few times and this is my least favorite refrigerator EVER. The ice and water dispenser takes up half the space and it’s so hard to fit much in it. So, we keep a fridge in the garage for overflow. Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper live there. As does Chardonnay. There’s also: Reddi Whip, Pudding Cups (my low point Weight Watchers snack or dessert) and canned cinnamon rolls for lazy Saturday mornings.

Okay, so that’s it!! Aggie, thank you so much for inviting me to share my fridge today! You’re friendship is a rich blessing that I’m so grateful blogging gave me. I just love this series and had so much fun being a part to it. Can’t wait to see the others you have lined up.

And I hope to meet you all! So please don’t be shy. I’d love to connect with you via my blog and social media!!

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10 comments on “10 Things In My Fridge: Just For Clicks”

  1. Aggie, Thank You for allowing me to be a part of this series! It was a fun post to write. And I’m honored that you included me. Love you Friend! ❤️

  2. So fun! I’m seeing many similarities to my fridge here 😉

  3. Love this series! It’s so interesting–and it really inspires me to try out some new foods. Great idea.

  4. I could live off of this fridge!!! No wonder I like Kim so much!! Also I pinned those energy balls – yum!!

  5. Sounds a lot like my fridge. 🙂 I love getting these little sneak peeks into other bloggers kitchens, so much fun!

  6. Love your frig Kim! Great tip on the asparagus. Need to try that. And I had to laugh at the MULTIPLE bottles of hot sauce. You’d see the same thing in my frig. Really? We need like 8 different bottles open at the same time?!? LOL. Such fun posts Aggie!

  7. So fun! Love this series!

  8. Aggie, thank you so much for introducing Kim and I. She’s a doll and we’re fast becoming good friends. Did you realize that through this series you are responsible for a bunch of well scrubbed and perfectly organized refrigerators in bloggers’ homes across America? 🙂 Kim, I love that giant drawer you have underneath your produce drawers. I could definitely use that. I stock so many of the things that you do!