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Rocky’s Pizzeria is finally here!

We went up to Flagler Beach today to see my dad’s new pizzeria. It’s right on A1A a few blocks north of the pier. The day was perfect, very sunny and the water felt great. Here’s the view from the pizzeria…

Does it get any better than that?

We ordered a couple of pizzas and ate on the beach (we were there with my brother and my sister and her family).

Larry’s favorite…pepperoni…(and my favorite cheese!)

Our other favorite…spinach pizza…

Doesn’t that look yummy?

If you are ever in Flagler stop by and see my dad!

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12 comments on “Rocky’s Pizzeria is finally here!”

  1. We will be stopping by Rocky’s! Thanks for the sneak peek of those pizzas…
    We are enjoying Aggie’s Kitchen!
    The Adams Family 🙂

  2. I don’t know if I can continue to read your’s making me sooo hungry! I love Spinach in everything, but love Spinach and white pizza. The Fish tacos sound delicious! And I never got any banana cupcakes..are you sure they made it to the office? Actually any cupcake I love..I’m going to attempt to make cupcakes with Dulce De Leche in them..I’ll have to let you know how they turn out..ok going to eat a zone bar now 🙁
    P.S.- if you ever need me to taste a recipe please tell Larry to bring in to me..:-)

  3. That looks so good, we love pizza in the Kinchen household. That person that commented above me, I bet she is going to try my “freeze the liquid” before you bake it trick! Cheater! I just told her about it last week!

  4. So what exactly is the “freeze the liquid” technique? Do tell!!

  5. Dan is breaking the first family rule from the Kinchen household..any recipe is a Kinchen recipe, not a Christina nor a Dan recipe..this family rule was designed to protect those who “thought” a recipe was theirs..when in fact the other person came up with it..this is a perfect example…I told Dan I would make Dulce De Leche cupcakes, and he said I just need to freeze the filling before filling the he thinks it’s his recipe..So it should be a Kinchen recipe. But, when it goes horribly wrong, I will say it’s because of him!!

  6. Whoaa crazy, you are right on the rule, BUT when you try my tricks before I do, forget the rule!

    I told you about the trick when you made the strawberry one, I said I was going to make something next with the trick!

    Okay, basically you free your liquid as an ice cube, then before you bake you push them in the down in the center. Make the cubes small and make sure to under fill the cup to allow for displacement.

  7. actually, pepperoni/garlic is my favorite. with the spinach pie a close second.

  8. Wow! We are neighbors! How awesome. We are always looking for good pizza, so we might have to check it out someday!

  9. Oh and I meant to say, email me so that I can send you info about a Florida Foodie gathering. – you can use my contact me page on my website.

  10. Aggie, We are going to have to take a trip and have some of rocky’s pizza!!!
    Here’s to a crazy weekend and anthony’s coal oven pizza…..

    Love, P%J

  11. Been in two times and looks like business is booming Your Mom says better and better every day. Love the pizza, and always loved the Calzones, but haven’t gotten one yet. pattip

  12. Rocky’s pizza is the best. The sandwiches are not bad either.