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One of my most favorite things to do – besides cooking – is working on my garden. I’ve grown basil and rosemary for many years, but the past two years I’ve just been adding to my collection. A few years back I attempted a larger garden, in ground, but it got really out of control and I just couldn’t keep up with it. It was scary actually (literally, I was afraid of snakes in it!) This year I got smart and decided to give container gardening a try. It has been pretty successful so far. And MUCH easier. I’ve spent alot of time at Lowes asking lots of questions and coming home with carloads of plants, pots and oversized bags of dirt.

I now have 4 beautiful tomato plants and 4 different types of peppers (“mini yummies”, poblanos, hot Italian cherry and banana). Here are a couple of my heirloom Beefsteak tomatoes… the plant has actually grown just as tall as me.

My herb selection is growing as well…I now have oregano (top picture), rosemary (below), thyme (below with rosemary), culantro (similar to cilantro, but has a stronger flavor), mint, chives, and of course basil. Lately, my basil has been looking very sad, I am constantly moving it around because it just is not happy in this strong Florida sun.

I inherited my love for growing things from my grandfather. I’ve never met anyone with a greener thumb. His basil grows tall and full like you wouldn’t believe, and he produces basket after basket of delicious tomatoes in the summer, along with all kinds of other seasonal vegetables. I can always remember him working in the garden (huge gardens!), last year he said he was done – taking a break – it was alot of work (he’s in his 70s), but I don’t think it’s possible for him to really stop. He has a small patch in his backyard and more than a dozen pots of peppers, basil and tomatoes along his yard. Now that I am older, I can honestly appreciate all the fresh home grown food that I was able to eat because of him. I love when I visit him and he sends me home with bags of stuff that he’s grown.

There is nothing better than going out in your backyard….snipping some basil and picking some fresh tomatoes and throwing together a simple but delicious meal…

Here is what I made last night with some olive oil, sliced garlic (lots of it), onion, fresh tomatoes, and basil, tossed with whole wheat spaghetti and leftover stuffed chicken. It was good!!

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6 comments on “My Garden”

  1. Container gardens are the best. Your herbs look lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be visiting yours frequently.

  2. What a great way to garden! That’s all I really need to grow-herbs and tomatoes. Your chicken from the last post looks delicious!

  3. Your oregano looks so great!! I actually did some herbs in containers last year, and surprisingly, my oregano and basil are still alive, even after having to live inside all winter long. They don’t look as good as yours, but they are alive!

  4. Very nice blog, your photography is awesome!

  5. I wish I could garden as well as you…yours is flourishing! You have a wonderful blog and thanks for visiting mine. I plan to visit here often.

  6. Oh! If only I could get rosemary to grow to those heights in our climate!! Heaven 🙂

    Am glad I popped over for a visit! Looks like you’re cooking up some fabulous stuff.