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Mushroom Love, Breast Cancer Awareness & a Giveaway

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Ha ha ha…just a little mushroom humor to start your day.


I am definitely in the ‘I love mushrooms’ club. They are pretty much always a staple in my kitchen. I use them in so many dishes…sometimes they are the star of the plate like in these Mediterranean Stuffed Mushrooms or Mushroom Marsala recipes but sometimes they are okay to share the spotlight with other veggie friends like in one of my favorite sandwiches, the Roasted Mushroom and Pepper Wrap.

I’ve also shared a little ‘shroom love here on Babble with a huge roundup of recipes to celebrate National Mushroom Month (September).

What I love even more about mushrooms, is how really good they are for you. I wasn’t totally aware about mushroom nutrition until last month when I wrote of National Mushroom Month on Babble and even more recently partnering up with the Mushroom Council (via Mom It Forward) in their support of City of Hope and Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to raise awareness of the health benefits of mushrooms. I mean I knew mushrooms were ‘good’ but not this ‘good’:

  • Mushrooms are low in sodium and calories, fat and cholesterol-free
  • Mushrooms can be an effective substitute for meats thanks to their hearty and fulfilling nature
  • Mushrooms are the only item in the produce aisle to provide vitamin D, and one of the few non-fortified food sources
  • All mushrooms contain vitamin D, but growers also have the ability to increase D levels by exposing mushrooms to ultraviolet light
  • These friendly fungi provide critical nutrients like energizing B vitamins, potassium and powerful antioxidants including ergothionene and selenium
  • Mushrooms are already low in sodium, plus their umami counterbalances saltiness which allows less salt to be used in a dish, without compromising flavor

So my part in this campaign is to share this information with you. I truly believe that the more we know about the nutrition we get from the food that we eat, the better choices we make on a daily basis. At least that’s what works for me and my family. I hear my kids say it all the time…”Mom, that’s good for us right?” or “The doctor says I should eat kale chips because it will make me strong and grow big, right?”. True story.

Eat good, feel good. That’s what I always say.


Some helpful links:


If you are on Twitter, please join the Mushroom Council and myself along with a few other panelists as we discuss health, wellness and breast cancer awareness. Details on the Girl’s Night Out Twitter party are posted here on Mom It Forward.


And now…on to the GIVEAWAY.




One lucky winner will be receiving the following items (ARV: $100) for cooking healthy in the kitchen:

Mushroom slicer

Cuisineart Chef’s Classic Stainless Saute Pan with Cover (5 Quart)

Book: “MyPlate for Moms, How to Feed Yourself & Your Family Better”

Giveaway starts Monday, October 3 and ends Monday, October 10, at 12 noon (EST). Winner will be chosen using

To enter into the giveaway:

(Note: you can leave up to 3 comments as entries into the giveaway, each action listed above will count toward one comment/entry….edited on 10/4/2011)

Mom It Forward is hosting the same giveaway here for another chance to win!


Disclosure: Compensation was provided to me for my participation in the Mushroom Council campaign.

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52 comments on “Mushroom Love, Breast Cancer Awareness & a Giveaway”

  1. I’m a new follower of the Mushroom Channel on facebook and twitter. Also, as for cancer prevention, I eat healthy and exercise very regularly….plus getting regular check-up’s are always good. My sister-in-law (15) has had cancer for 6 years and we’ve learned loads about how to prevent and live healthy life styles. As for breast cancer month, does it count that I’m wearing pink today? 😉 Thank you for the giveaway Aggie! Yay!

  2. Unfortunately, cancer has been an unwelcome visitor in our family for many, many years…I donate regularly to different related causes, and in a few weeks I’ll be walking for Breast Cancer Awareness. My sister-in-law was diagnosed in April 2010 and has recently finished her chemo and radiation (still has one surgery to go) so she and a bunch of us will be walking.

  3. I’ve participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and I hope to do it again this year!

  4. Muuuushroooooms make me dance. ILOVETHEM.

  5. I follow Mushroom Channel on Tiwtter

  6. I like Mushroom Channel on FB

  7. To support Breast Cancer Awareness, I try to purchase products with the pink ribbons and also support friends walking for a cure, as well as try to donate to the cause!

  8. buy pink things!

  9. Wear pink in October, but more importantly, I do Relay for Life with my family each year.

  10. I follow Mushroom Channel on Tiwtter

  11. I like Mushroom Channel on FB

  12. Cancer has hit on both sides of my family. I don’t just support awareness one month of the year. I support it all year round in various fashions from $$$ to lap quilts for chemo patients

  13. I follow Mushroom Channel on Twitter @ElenaIstomina

  14. I like Mushroom Channel on Facebook as Elena Istomina

  15. I purchase pink ribbon products and donate money

  16. I run a rave every year for ovarian cancer!

  17. I follow Mushroom Channel on FB

  18. I help the cause by donation and wearing pink. My grandma died from breast cancer.

  19. Wear pink to support breast cancer awareness!

  20. so excited to be on the twitter party with you. LOVE your post!!

  21. I follow Mushroom Channel on Twitter.

  22. I like them on Facebook.

  23. We support Breast Cancer awareness by attending the walk that they have here in our town.

  24. I Follow @MushroomChannel on Twitter

  25. I Like the Mushroom Channel Facebook page

  26. I buy as many of the breast cancer products as I can, I wear pink, and I have run in one race before

  27. I support breast cancer but more importantly ovarian cancer by taking care of my Mom who is on her 3rd bout of cancer and round of chemo in less than 3 years. We are part of a phone support group that they send newly diagnosed patients to. We try to make people aware of the genetic marker testing in order to know your personal risks and take preventative steps. We promote healthful eating habits to prevent cancer and to aid treatment. My Mom has been on 2 different studies in order to aid researchers in their quest for improved treatments. I feel like I am constantly mired in the world and news of cancer research because it is near and dear to me. I hope there are many more like you who do things to encourage cancer awareness of every kind.

  28. I now follow the mushrooms on tweeter and fb. I support breast cancer by run/walks,,and any event that needs help, I try to care of myself staying up to date in all rise Dr apps and scans. Eating better has become very important… and pink reminders all year around.

  29. I donate annually in honor of my grandma.

  30. I am following the Mushroom Channel on twitter @rusthawk.

  31. I am following the Mushroom Channel’s facebook page (Rust Hawk).

  32. I have been involved with my local race for the cure and I live a lifestyle of heightened awareness of a healthy diet and healthy choices in lifestyle. One of my best friends is a two-time breast cancer survivor, now in her late 70’s and a magnificent inspiration to me,

  33. I participate in the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure.

  34. I “like” the Mushroom Channel on facebook.

  35. I follow MushroomChannel on Twitter!

  36. I liked Mushroom Channel on Facebook!

  37. Any time I see a normal products I get that has a Breast Cancer support banner on it, I buy that over the regular product so that my money will support the BCA.

  38. I “liked” Mushroom Channel on FB!

  39. I follow Mushroom Channel on FB!

  40. One of the donation programs set up through work is the SJK foundation and I donate through there.

  41. I liked the mushroom channel on fb! I love aground too Aggie. Had them last night n tonight with dinner. Need to get more creative with them. Has a great portabekka stuffed with hummus and topped with feta..cooked on the grill. Using them tomorrow in a fajita stew…Charlie gets meat, I get shrooms. Found a new cookbook…flexitarian meals…make one meal and adapt to feed vegetarians and non out of the same recipe.

  42. I donate to support friends riding and running in events that raise money for breast cancer. I enjoy buying products where a portion of the sales supports breast cancer research, I schedule my annual check up, and try my darndest to eat healthy. love the giveaway 🙂

  43. I.follow mushroom channel on twitter

  44. I follow mushroom channel on FB

  45. I support by donating anytime stores have it available.

  46. I like the Mushroom Channel on Facebook!

  47. I follow the Mushroom Channel on Twitter!

  48. I support cancer awareness by letting people know how the foods we consume can lead to cancer, and how we can all make better choices.

  49. I now follow Mushroom Channel on Twitter

  50. I am now a FB fan of Mushroom Channel.

  51. I remind family and friends to get regular mammograms. I used to donate from my former job to Breast Cancer Research as part of payroll deduction. My current company participates in Breast Cancer walks.

  52. I remind women in my family to get mammograms! Also I work as an oncology nurse!