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From the Archives: My 5 Favorite Healthy Soups

Healthy Spinach and White Bean Soup |

Ahhh, soup. It does the body good right? I’ve always loved making soups (what I normally refer to as “detox soups”) on a Sunday that would carry me through the week for healthy lunches and dinners. My “detox soup” recipes are usually vegetable and bean base and occasionally I’ll add in a healthy grain or lean meat like chicken. I haven’t actually cooked up a pot of good soup  in a while and knowing that I’m going to have a few baby pounds to lose in the upcoming months, I am mentally preparing myself for it by looking through some of my archives and pulling some of my most favorite soup recipes that will not only make me feel good, but will also make life easier as far as eating goes with a newborn at home. There’s nothing easier than heating up a bowl of soup for lunch or dinner when you just don’t have the time to cook or have your hands full with other things (or babies… 🙂 ).

Making a big pot of soup only takes about 10-15 minutes as far as prep goes, then once it gets into the pot all is easy peasy. It cooks up in an hour or so and from there my family and I have plenty of healthy bowls of goodness ahead of us. My kids are finally starting to enjoy soup so it’s becoming a great way to get some extra veggies into their growing bodies.

Here are a few of my healthy favorites already featured on Aggie’s Kitchen that you may have missed or forgotten. Enjoy!


Spinach, Tomato and Lentil Soup |

Spinach, Tomato and Lentil Soup

Shell Pasta and Bean Soup

Pasta Shells and Bean Soup

Kale Tomato and White Bean Soup

Hearty Kale, Tomato and White Bean Soup

Healthy Spinach and White Bean Soup |

White Bean and Spinach Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken and White Bean Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken and White Bean Soup with Quinoa

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21 comments on “From the Archives: My 5 Favorite Healthy Soups”

  1. Ohhh lots of good ones to try! I am thinking the white bean and quinoa one will have to be first. Those all look perfect for a winter day, or for warming up after being in the cold for a long run!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. They all look so comforting! I’m all about the Hearty Kale, Tomato and White Bean Soup!!

  3. Just pinned this because I seriously canNOT get enough soup these days! YUM!

  4. Soups are my detox food too!! Love that we’re on the same page today!! xo

  5. I love good a soup recipe and you are absolutely right… there’s nothing better than rewarming a bowl of soup when you just don’t have the time or want to cook! Each and every one of these soups sounds perfect!

  6. I need some healthy veggie soups for this cold weather so I thank you so much in advance for this!

  7. It has been getting cold and the soup making has begun. Thanks! I needed these.

    • I wish I could say I was making soup for that reason 🙂 Though it is supposed to cool down on Wednesday!! Stay warm Lisa…

  8. All of these soups look perfect for fall. I am really craving the white bean and spinach soup!

  9. Great selections! I need to start making more soup and less mac & cheese…haha!

  10. Seriously so many good ideas here, Aggie. I’m gad I saw this before the week’s menu plan went up…

  11. They all looks so delicious! The slow cooker chicken soup really caught my eye though, yum!!

  12. I love these! I have been in total soup mode lately. It’s been stereotypically cold in Chicago (I think I’m finally getting that Midwestern winter everyone has warned me about since I moved here four years ago) so I will most definitely be putting one of these to the test!

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