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A Special Birthday and a Side of Fries

My baby boy turns SEVEN today. I can not believe I am the mother of a 7 year old. I swear, he was just born the other day. People are not kidding when they say having kids makes time fly by.

(special breakfast today…Daddy’s grilled cheese but only because mama forgot to buy eggs to make chocolate chip pancakes! Boo!)

I feel like he was just 7 weeks old…

Or 2…

Even 3 years old…


Now he’s all grown up… an awesome big brother and even more awesome son. Gosh, I just LOVE this kid!!

(He’s 4 here…)

We are going to celebrate him today…go kart racing after school then at his request headed to a hibachi steakhouse for some dinner, then home for some brownie sundaes and of course….presents!!  (We will be in LEGO heaven this evening…). Happy Birthday Sammy!!! xoxoxo


While you’re here…I have to share with you these awesome Baked Boardwalk Fries that my fam and I just can’t get enough of. I just posted them on Babble so head over there to check out the recipe! Serious yum!!

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30 comments on “A Special Birthday and a Side of Fries”

  1. That Tigger outfit is adorable!

  2. Oh he is SOO adorable! Happy Birthday to him! Love the birthday plans 🙂 Enjoy and wear thick socks so no one gets hurt stepping on legos!!

  3. Happy birthday to your little guy!!

  4. He is so adorable! And so is your daughter! Love the breakfast grilled cheese, how fun! Enjoy your day with your seven year old! 🙂

  5. Awwww! Happy birthday to your little man. The tiger picture is too cute for words!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little man!

    Watch out, he’s a cutie. 😉

  7. Love the pictures! Brings back such memories.

  8. It sounds as though you have a great day planned. Happy Birthday to your little guy – who looks so much like you, by the way.

  9. OK~ so Happy Happy Birthday to that “Joey” “Minnie-me!” You know know I’m talkin’ about!!! What a sweetheart! Enjoy the day!

  10. Happy birthday to your son, how precious! Love the Old Bay Seasoning on those fries!

  11. Awww, Happy Birthday to him! What a great post, Aggie!

  12. Happy Birthday to your little man, hope he has a great day!

  13. Happy birthday to your handsome son! Love the photos!

  14. Happy birthday to your little man. The photos are precious!

  15. Awww…..what a cutie! Happy Birthday!! Aggie…it does by SO fast….frightening so sometimes. Sounds like you have a great day planned for him!!

    Today is also my hubby’s cousin’s birthday…and mine is Sunday (9/11).

    Have a GREAT weekend!!

  16. Happy Birthday to your lil’ guy! He is quite handsome and what a beautiful smile!

  17. Awww! Happy Birthday little man! They sure do grow fast. My oldest turned 7 in June and I honestly could not come to grips with the fact I had a kid that old. I hope you had a fun day celebrating.

  18. What an adorable family you have!

  19. Aw, aren’t our children just the best thing that ever happened to us! Happy Birthday to your little man!

  20. This brought tears to my eyes. Yes he grew up fast. Love that boy. Hope everyone is having a fantastic year in school. Gonna try those yummy fries!

  21. What a cutey – hope he had a great birthday!

  22. Happy birthday to your little (big) man! I have a boy who will turn 7 in November. Crazy!

  23. Aggie this made me cry. 🙁 My babies are growing up too fast too!

  24. I hope the birthday boy had a great day yesterday! Isn’t it just amazing how time flies with children?

  25. Looks like Sammy had an Awesome birthday. We just love that kid too! Now, I need to check out that boardwalk fries recipe.

  26. Aggie, I say it all the time on twitter, but your kids are just so adorable! Happy birthday to Sammy!

    Also, those fries look sooooo good.

  27. Happy Birthday to your little man! Such a cutie 🙂 love the tiger outfit. Time flies by, especially when you have kids. Today they are babies, tomorrow they are dating and stuff… *sigh*

  28. Awww, this post is happy & weepy at the same time. Such a fun way to celebrate Sammy. I hope he had a blast on his 7th birthday!! xxoo

  29. My oldest turns 7 at the end of November and I totally know what you mean – how did this happen? It sounds so cliche but where did the time go? Congrats to you!

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