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8 Ways To Enjoy Pears and a Harry & David Royal Riviera Pear Giveaway

Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears ‘Tis the season for Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears! Have you tasted one of these pears? If not, boy are you missing out on a major treat. This fruit is truly nature’s candy. I was introduced to these pears a couple of years ago when I was fortunate enough to be invited to Oregon to visit with Harry & David and actually walk through their pear fields and meet with some of their growers.  These pears are truly grown and hand picked with such care, I was so impressed. Stunning right? Orchard I started gifting Royal Riviera Pears to family and friends the last couple of years. They seriously make the best gifts … for a couple of reasons. They are great to send to those who are out of town and you are missing during the holidays. They also make the perfect gift for those family members who are hard to shop for. Everyone loves these pears! My favorite reason? To me, they represent a gift of health. I feel so much better about giving someone a box of fruit over candy or cookies (I know this isn’t probably a popular idea!) but to me, there are SO many sweets around us during the holidays, a box a fruit is a welcome treat to our taste buds and our bodies. Personally, I like to eat my pears in a salad or straight up. I just can’t help it, that is exactly how I enjoy them. But I have seen some wonderful and unique pear recipes floating around lately…I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Oh, and most importantly…one lucky reader has a chance to win a box of Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears! Giveaway details are at bottom of post. (Also, if you are someone trying to get a head start on holiday shopping enjoy this Friends & Family 20% Off Coupon starting 11/6 – 11/11, use code FRIEND in checkout — also be sure check out Harry & David’s nice selection of gifts that have Free Shipping right now.) Pear and Plum Phyllo Tart | Foodiecrush

Pear and Plum Pastry Tart from Foodiecrush

Find Recipe Here – Pin It Here

Cinnamon Pear Green Smoothie

Cinnamon Pear Green Smoothie

Find Recipe Here – Pin It Here

Roasted Honey Pear Crostini | Reluctant Entertainer

Roasted Honey Pear Crostini from Reluctant Entertainer

Find Recipe Here – Pin It Here

Chicken, Pear and Avocado Salad

Chicken, Pear and Avocado Salad

Find Recipe Here – Pin It Here

Mini Brie and Pear Appetizer Quesadillas | Cookin' Canuck

Mini Brie & Pear Appetizer Quesadillas from Cookin’ Canuck

Find Recipe Here – Pin It Here

and a few more…

Winter Fruit Salad from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Find Recipe Here – Pin It Here

Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Prosciutto, Pears and Brie from Skinnytaste

Find Recipe Here – Pin It Here

Herbed Pasta with Pears and Blue Cheese from Farmgirl Gourmet

Find Recipe Here – Pin It Here



Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears


1 Winner will receive a box of Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears ($29.95 value)  

To Enter: Please leave a comment telling me your favorite way to enjoy pears … straight up or in a favorite recipe?

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Giveaway starts Friday, November 7, 2014 and ends Friday, November 14, 2014 at 12 noon (EST). I will pick a winner randomly using the Pick Giveaway Winner tool on my blog. Winner will be contacted by me via email and will have 48 hours to reply before another winner will be selected.

Disclosure: Thank you to Harry & David for providing winner with a box of Royal Riviera pears. I was also provided with a box of pears. There are affiliate links in this post.

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141 comments on “8 Ways To Enjoy Pears and a Harry & David Royal Riviera Pear Giveaway”

  1. I always have eaten them straight up, those recipes are amazing, I am def going to be changing the way I look at pears from now on.

  2. I’ve always just eaten them straight up but now I’m intrigued about using them in salads and trying some of your recipes. Thanks for the chance to win this great gift!

  3. I’m an email subscriber!

  4. I Tweeted and Pinned this Giveaway!

  5. I enjoy my pears just straight up.

  6. I’ve had good intentions of cooking or baking with pears, but once it is in my hand, I give up and just eat that delicious piece of fruit!

  7. I love cutting up pears and making fruit kabobs w/ apples, oranges, & pineapples. These recipes look delicious!

  8. I’m an e-mail subscriber!

  9. I pinned the post & shared it on facebook!

  10. I make a wonderful pear and gorgonzola bruschettta.

  11. My favorite way to eat pears is to simply slice them and enjoy. I do also like them baked into a pear crisp.

  12. I subscribe on Feedly

  13. I’ve always just loved them straight up.

  14. I am an email subscriber.

  15. with blue cheese

  16. I love them in salads with bleu cheese

  17. I love them straight up, but they’re also great on salads!

  18. This would be an AMAZING gift for my husband for Christmas! I enjoy pears…but he LOVES them! Straight up! But I’d totally throw this into a pear and apple crisp too. Hope you’re having fun on your trip too!

  19. I love pears straight up and occasionally in a salad with crumbled gorgonzola and candied pecans 🙂

  20. Pear quarters seasoned with cumin and melted manchego cheese. Delicious

  21. These pear recipes sound so incredible, and I’m anxious to try several of them—soon!

    An other idea for those gorgeous pears:
    How about some homemade “pearsauce” instead of applesauce” ? I’m thinking about mornings with a breakfast of granola or oatmeal with bright and light pearsauce, then lunch and dinner enhanced by salads with a dressing of pearsauce,balsamic vinegar, and sage; cookies and cakes moistened with pearsauce in the mix, and a little cardamom thrown in; meat and poultry glazes lightly sweetened with pearsauce; grilled or roasted vegetables drizzled with pearsauce in any of a zillion combinations with fresh herbs. It may be 5:00 a.m. right now, but if only I had pears in the house, I’d already be in the kitchen bringing ideas into reality. Guess what I’ll be shopping for after work today?!!!
    Thanks so much for setting off this little reverie of fruit deliciousness,
    Susan Henderson

  22. I love a pear when they are at their peak of flavor. I just bite in and enjoy.

  23. I love to saute pears a little pair with a good cheese and wine.

  24. Love them straight up or with some greek yogurt in the morning.

  25. email subscriber

  26. In spinach salad with candied pecans and dressed with maple vinaigrette

  27. I always eat my pears straight up!

  28. I am an email subscriber.

  29. I love pears straight up!!!!!

  30. RSS subscriber

  31. I love them straight up… but I did have a sandwich once that sliced pears very thinly and combined them with brie and walnuts. It was pretty amazing!

  32. I typically enjoy them straight up but for a twist love to top them with Greek yogurt and honey!

  33. I love pear crisp! Great giveaway!

  34. I’m already an email subscriber.

  35. I shared giveaway on Twitter.

  36. I’ve only ever eaten them as is for snacks, but I’m looking forward to trying one of these recipes for something new!

  37. Definitely straight up! Nothing better than a juicy, delicious pear – YUM!

  38. Recently I had pear honey – it was amazing!!!

  39. Love my pears in a salad with goat or bleu cheese, nuts, and a balsamic dressing. Makes eating salad like eating dessert!

  40. This is a great list!

  41. I love them sliced with sharp cheddar cheese.

  42. I usually eat them plain, especially when they’re super juicy!

  43. I follow the blog in Feedly.

  44. Harry & David Riviera pears are heavenly on their own!

  45. Pear preserves have always been my favorite

  46. I subscribe to your emails

  47. My favorite way to eat pears is in a pear crisp.

  48. I love pears in salad with curly endive; the sweetness of the pear contrasts nicely with the bitterness of the greens. You can add onion if you like.

  49. I love pear crips. It’s the best way to eat pears.

  50. Oh, I would love to win a box of these beauties! Yummy! And I like to eat my pears fresh and straight up!

  51. Everyone grabs a Harry and David pear to eat and there are never any left to use another way

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  53. I receive your emails

  54. I love making poached pears in wine for a “wow” dessert.

  55. I follow on Feedly.

  56. I love Pears any way they are so good alone mmm

  57. New email subscriber 🙂

  58. I’m an email subscriber

  59. I love pears on greens with gorgonzola, walnuts, dried cranberries, red onion & tossed with Brianna’s Blush vinaigrette.

  60. I love pear crisp!

  61. subscribe rss

  62. I love pears with goat cheese!

    [email protected]

  63. I usually just eat them straight up or in a smoothie, but those recipes sure look good too!

  64. I love pears so my favorite ways to enjoy them is straight up! I have always wanted to try these pears!

  65. I subscribe to posts via email

  66. I love to use pears just like apples in pie.

  67. I love sliced pears with a good cheese.

  68. I subscribed.

  69. i love to eat pears straight up!

  70. i like them in salads or poached in red wine with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream

  71. I love to bake my pears with a little brown sugar.

  72. I have always just eaten pears fresh. Slice it up, sometimes with a little cheese. I have heard though that poaching pears is really delicious but I have not tried it yet. Thanks

  73. I am subscribed to your blog via [email protected] Love your blog by the way!

  74. I shared your giveaway on Facebook. Here is the link:

  75. straight up found a recipe for pear crisp I would love too try

  76. I made a pear sorbet that was fantastic. I like them as they come, too.

  77. I love pears in a tart. My mom makes the best with a nice crust. She adds such beautiful details on top.

  78. I love them every way but my favorite i to bake them with some spice and have it with vanilla icecream.

  79. I love pears straight up but, I really like making ginger pear sauce.

  80. I am subscribing through this comment.

  81. I like them in my peach cobbler!

  82. I eat pears straight up.

  83. My favorite way to enjoy a pear is in a smoothie. You take one pear, half of a honey crisp apple, a mini cucumber, some papaya, fresh pinepple, a sliver of fresh ginger, a teaspoon of raw organic honey and lots of crushed ice. Its very refreshing and gives a great boost of energy!

  84. Love pears straight up. Also sliced into a pound cake.

  85. My favorite way to enjoy a pear is yes, straight up. Next up is Pear, Brie, Spinach Panini, simply divine.

  86. My favorite way to enjoy pears is straight up.

  87. Love to eat fresh pears for a snack or make pear dumplings

  88. I love using pears instead of apples in my Pear Strudel recipe.

  89. I’m subscribed via email.

  90. I love eating pears straight up or thin slices in a panini with havarti cheese and turkey!

  91. Inspite of all the great pear recipes I keep finding, just a simple crunchy pear appeals to me the most.

  92. Love them as is but ur pics look yummy!

  93. Retweeted @misskupokekisu

  94. I have only had one of their pears once, and I think I would prefer to eat them alone, in all their glory. I typically put regular pears in salad.

  95. I love my pears plain or with some cheese!

  96. I’m like you… I usually eat them as is or put them in a salad. Would love these pears!

  97. I subscribe to your emails

  98. A truly ripe pear is perfect on its own, but broil with a little brown sugar and it’s heavenly.

  99. Love my pears straight up or in baked in a crisp

  100. I have never had these delicious looking pears but I love to eat them either plain or in a salad. So good!

  101. These are truly my favorite! Earlier this year, my sister sent me some after I had surgery. I love them just as they are. Though I wouldn’t turn down pear crisp!

  102. I love to enjoy them baked

  103. added to reader

  104. I love them in a salad with gorgonzola!!

  105. I love the simple goodness of pears and poach them in their own juices with some citrus runs, clove and cinnamon. My hubby cans them and then we can eat them whenever the mood strikes!

  106. I love to sit and eat pears with a extra sharp cheddar cheese. Or any cheese!

  107. I am subscribed to your emails.

  108. I like serving pears with blue cheese as an appetizer

  109. I subscribe via email

  110. Those recipes look delicious, but nothing beats a ripe, juicy pear straight up!

  111. Love pears anyway…. Just make sure they are ripe =)

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  113. Mostly straight up, but I also love them poached in wine sauce

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  115. As much as I love a good, simple pear crisp, Maida Heatter’s recipe for Ginger-Pear Crisp is divine. It requires large, perfect pears like these beautiful Royal Riviera pears, and it’s totally worth it.

  116. I shared this great giveaway on Pinterest:
    Thank you!

  117. I like to eat them raw or in a fruit crumble

  118. I follow you via rss feed

  119. I enjoy them in a crisp– for breakfast or dessert! So yummy! What gorgeous looking pears, presented so nicely, too. Thanks for the opportunity to try these.

    [email protected]

  120. My favorite is to just eat a pear straight up….Harry & David pears especially are so sweet & delicious!
    (they’re also really good in salads…)

  121. I signed up for the newsletter.

  122. I enjoy my pears just straight up.